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Why is a Webinar Better Than a Face-to-Face Meeting?

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The process of reusing surplus assets around any busy estate involves a true cross-departmental collaboration. There are many actors in this play, including Sustainability, Waste, Procurement, Capital Development, Space Management, Logistics, Storage, and of course, the claiming party and the disposing party.

The challenge

Because there are so many actors in this play, and because each of those departments benefits in a particular way from reuse, it's often a challenge to get all of these departments to work together.


Fortunately, we can help you with that. The answer is to webinar!


Webinar benefits over traditional meetings

  • No need to book parking for the attendees!
  • Reduce emissions. 
  • Save time on all attendees travelling!
  • No need to book meeting room!
  • No need to book coffee!
  • Easy to set up just send out a link so any colleagues can join. 
  • Get a recording of the webinar (on request). 
  • Home workers can join in from home.
  • Anyone travelling can join in while they move.
  • You keep the costs of our products down as no need for sales staff to attend the meeting face to face!


How it works

You can invite all of the personas to a meeting in your organisation where they can see a live demo of the system online.

The demo includes a good overview of the system, with the opportunity to ask questions, give feedback, and get specific guidance on how our system might function in your organisation.

We send you a link to access the demo and you share this with your colleagues.



It's normal to get everybody into a meeting room while we present the system, but this involves the faff of organising everyone to travel!

If they can't attend the meeting, then they can attend from their desk, their smartphone, or their tablet via webinar.

This makes it really easy because no longer will everyone have to agree on a certain date and time when they can travel and attend that meeting at that location.

They can actually just attend from wherever they are and still get a good insight and an overview and take part on the conversation. 


About the Author..

Joseph Kennedy

Joseph Kennedy

My journey is education, communication and innovation. My destination is a world free from environmental collapse, ecological ruin and unbreathable air.

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