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What we love Sept 2017

What we love

Every month we share a few things that we’ve spotted that inspire, amuse and entertain.

This September we've found:

A tidy-conscious elephant

This amazing CCTV footage of an elephant taking out the trash. What this elephant does will blow your mind, if they can do it, then why can’t we?

Optimized-elephant cleaning-1.jpg

Building blocks to inspire creativity
There’s nothing more flexible and expansive than a child’s creativity but over the years, education chisels away at imagination and creativity, making the thought process more “within the box” and, if you think about it, many toys have the same effect and get kids to think in a linear way, helping them spark interest in a traditional profession rather than expand their creative boundaries. Think cars or hoovers!).

So here we have the Bokah, which was designed to do the latter.


Optimized-bokah (1).jpg

Think of it as 3D tools to let a child’s imagination run wild. The Bokah is as free-spirited as the child itself, allowing kids to make whatever their hearts desire, while even allowing their creations to be robust yet flexible! It’s perfect for us adults too, who want to go back to being their young, carefree, creative selves!

About the Author..

Daniel O'Connor

Daniel O'Connor

My goal is where reuse & repair is so convenient and desirable, that organisations do not throw anything away or buy anything new.. Where reusable items are redistributed for their 2nd and 3rd useful lives and when the items fail, they are diverted into repair.

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