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WhatsApp! Free group for charities, schools, and non-profit organisations

A group on the messaging app WhatsApp has been set up for charities, schools, and other third-sector organisations to easily get free office furniture, fixtures and fittings, equipment, uniforms, and many other items.

The aim of the group is to make it as simple as possible for charitable organisations to see and claim things they need quickly from the Warp It redistribution system with just a few taps on their phone.

Warp It redistributes thousands of assets such as office furniture, fixtures and fittings, catering and kitchen equipment, soft furnishings, office stationery and other consumables such as and ink jet cartridges, uniforms, lab equipment, and medical equipment.

But it’s not just limited to this, as any resource can be reused through Warp it if it’s safe and legal to do so. More unusual items have included clothes horses, tuxedos, safes, paper weights, and even a brandy bottle.

All items posted in the WhatsApp group includes details on its condition and location so a swift decision can be made.

The WhatsApp group is free to join and use. It’s also free for charities and third sector organisations to register with the Warp It redistribution system, there’s no need to do so until they want to make a claim.

Join the Warp It WhatsApp group.



Above: Warp It redistributes thousands of assets for reuse.


Warp It’s founder and Head of Happiness, Daniel O’Connor, said:

“We want to make it as easy as possible for charities to get hold of stuff they need to operate smoothly without having to dip into their vital core funding. The WhatsApp group is instant and easy to use, making it perfect for members to quickly and easily see what’s available and if it suits their needs, even if they’re not sitting at a computer.”

Redistributing unwanted, old, and unearthed furniture, fixtures, fittings, and other items to charities has dramatically increased on Warp It over recent months. This is mainly due to a concerted move to clear spaces as organisations shift to new ways of working, such as remote, hybrid and hotdesking, as part of Covid-19 recovery plans and sustainability goals.

With over 50 charities, schools, and other third sector organisations and community groups now signing up each month, the value of assets redistributed to good causes has reached £3.7 million, and 2022 is likely to see this rise to £5 million.

Charities already benefiting include MedAid, the Sylvia Lanka Foundation (SLF) and the Kori Development Project, alongside schools, social enterprises, and community groups. Read more on this here.

Join the Warp It WhatsApp group.


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