Happy Choose Day

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Tuesday is my new favourite day... I have started calling it CHOOSE-DAY!

As in... you CHOOSE what the "new normal" is.

You choose how you live.


You choose the new society.


I am calling Tuesday CHOOSE DAY to draw attention to the fact we have the power to fix ourselves, the system and The Planet.


We know that the old way is broken. There is no way we can continue with the old way. Going back to normal is not going to happen. Even the "New Normal" is going to be radically different to what the majority expect. The old way is now crumbling.  


The transition to the new way is going to be painful. But in the long run if we choose the right things to put our energy into we can have a better society for all. 


We have seen what life could be like under lockdown. Less time "working". More time with family. More time with community. Pursuing passion projects.  I am going to choose to put more of my energy into keeping these behaviours. What about you? 


So I am writing this article to remind you that you have a choice. Because we forget that we do have a choice. Even within the rules of the current system we have a choice which will result in a better system for all.

  • You choose what bank you put your money in.
  • You choose where your money goes. (You could argue that this is a way more effective way to change the system than voting).
  • You choose where your food comes from.
  • You choose to help others.
  • You choose what you put in your body.
  • You choose to forgive yourself, your parents and your bullies.
  • You choose to be good to yourself and your neighbours.
  • You choose to be in a good mood or a bad mood or to fix the mood
  • You choose to have a good day.
  • You choose to put your energy into whatever serves you the best.
  • You choose to let go of people and things that do not align with where you want to be.
  • You choose to pay attention to whatever serves you the best
  • You choose to follow what excites you.
  • You choose to fix what is wrong.

You choose the new normal. You choose.

What do you think?


CURIOUS? If you want to help me explore how we can support people in adopting all the good behaviours they've re-found during lock down please drop me an email as I think there is something in providing a support network for this.

Daniel O'Connor

Daniel O'Connor

I use my time and experience to contribute to the transition to a regenerative sustainable society for all.