Jen Gale is a mum of two boys and spent a year buying nothing.

Daniel O'Connor September 9 2020

We choose where our money goes. 

We have the power as individuals to change the system.

So why don't we?

That's what we...

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Who do you want to talk to in our zoom sessions?

Daniel O'Connor August 25 2020

Which sustainability leader would you like to chat to?

We continue to invite sustainability leaders to talk at our...

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We are looking for a team. Do you want to get obsessed about making sustainability mentorship normal?

Daniel O'Connor August 5 2020

Do you want to help this platform grow into a global world class resource?

Are you between roles?

Have you just...

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Mark Shayler Helps You Find Your Voice (Recording).

Daniel O'Connor July 23 2020

If there is one skill sustainability pro's need, it's the ability to get their message across. ...

We continue to...

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Monthly Live Sustainability Mentorship Check In Event- with author Viginia Cinquemani

Daniel O'Connor June 17 2020

I got ANOTHER really lovely email this week...

This was from a recent mentee who had signed up and found a mentor...

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Live Sustainability Mentorship Matchup Event

Daniel O'Connor March 31 2020

I got a really lovely email this week...

Ian Stenton who is Head of Sustainability at Liverpool University Hospitals...

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Please Share Your Mentorship Story

Daniel O'Connor December 1 2019

We are all trying to change culture...correct?

One of the best ways to get culture change is by illustrating social...

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Mentor Onboarding Support & Training Webinar

Daniel O'Connor November 24 2019
1 Comment

Attend our short 20 min webinar to learn how to use the mentorship platform effectively

This webinar will get you...

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10 Ways to Choose the Right Goals For You

Daniel O'Connor November 18 2019

You want to help to make a sustainable economy. 

The game has changed in the last couple of years though. We now have a...

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