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I have struggled to get a mentor for about 4 years. I lead a sustainability business and team so I was always looking out for possible mentors to help me grow. But there was too much friction. 

Then since about January I said to myself...I will build something myself to find a mentor...

I'll test the water and just build a mentor landing page. See how many people sign up. 

but I one thing or another got in the way until last week (Wed 25th Sept 2019) when I put a landing page live.

I was expecting maximum 50-75 sign ups in a month.

My plan was that I would simply get all the people who were interested and match them up on a spreadsheet and then introduce mentors to mentees over email personally. 

We are gonna need a bigger boat!

I first realised that things were going way better than expected 24 hours after launching. We already had 150 sign ups and I was still thinking this would be do-able on a spreadsheet. 

By Thursday night we had 150 sign ups. By Friday it was 350. Over the weekend it passed 500!

We got some great shares on Linkedin from some well networked big hitters in the sector  (like Mike Barry, Sustainable Changemaker and Ex Head of Sustainability at Marks and Spencer and architect of Plan A)  Fiona Daly (Head of Sustainability  NHS Improvement) and Zoe Cohen (Coach, Mentor, Lead of Manchester Women in Sustainability and Extinction Rebellion)  which propelled signs ups on the Friday especially. 

However when we were at 350 on Friday, I started thinking about that Classic Jaws quote.

"We are gonna need a bigger boat" 

in other words 

"I am going to have to get some software to automise and manage this!". 

I spent the weekend, Monday and Tuesday commissioning software, so that we would be ready to launch with the tools to manage this amount of activity properly.

This is why there's been a bit of a delay in getting back to members.

I want to have a system which will handle all of these relationships and facilitate the resulting positive impact in the most effective way possible.


We are live! 

We are now live!

See you in there!

If you have not filled in this survey yet then get your skates on as this is how you get an invite.


Daniel O'Connor

Daniel O'Connor

I use my time and experience to contribute to the transition to a regenerative sustainable society for all.