Mark Shayler Helps You Find Your Voice (Recording).

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If there is one skill sustainability pro's need, it's the ability to get their message across. ...

We continue to invite sustainability leaders to talk at our Sustainability Mentors live events. 

On 12th Aug 2020 we had author and eco innovator, Mark Shayler

All throughout lockdown Mark has been streaming on Instagram (Follow him here) at 8am every morning,  leading people through Qigong.  Every morning! Showing up! at 8am!! 

Mark knows that you have to look after yourself if you are going to look after the planet.

He also knows how to communicate sustainability.

Mark is the Founder of Ape, an Innovation and Sustainability agency that has helped some of the world’s biggest and smallest brands. He’s led business incubators, startup programs, and led other business support services to see people drive progressive change.

Mark has spent 30 years working in Sustainability in small and large organisations, such as ASDA Walmart, as the Head of Sustainability. 

The ability to present our ideas with confidence is now a coveted skill. Yet on stage, we become this other person: less funny, less engaging, less human.

Mark will help us become better climate communicators and will be focussing on getting our voices heard as sustainability pros,  leaving our audience  informed, entertained and uplifted

What now?


This live session has now passed but don;t worry we got your back!...It has been recorded! You can access a recording here. Password: Yc9s!R!u 


If this session piqued your interest and you want to go deep improving how you get your message across. 


Buy Mark's Book here.


Attend Mark's online course or face to face training sessions here.


Join Mark at 8am for Qi Gong. 


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Book Mark to speak at your event right here.

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Daniel O'Connor

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