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Mentees! Welcome! Read this!

Hello and welcome to the Sustainability Mentors community!

You have indicated that you would like to find a mentor to increase your sustainability impact. 

This is awesome. You are open to accelerate your learning to expedite sustainability.


You should have received your invite by now.


You are right at the start of your Sustainability Mentorship journey

Thank you for being open to growing your skills and knowledge. I hope that you have a extremely positive experience and go on to great things - and maybe in time you will also be a mentor to others. 

Here are 15 reasons why you are going to have a fruitful journey as a mentee. 

Welcome video..


What do you need to do now?

Log in and complete your onboarding. I take you through that process in the video above- but it really is very easy. Make sure you fill out your profile fully because mentors will receive your mentorship request and you should present yourself in the best way.

Update your profile

Access profile settings on the left.

Sustainability Mentors mentors profile 1Update your profile.

Let everyone know what you are all about. Upload a piccie. Tag your professional skills. These are displayed on your thumb nail. 

mentor onboard 2

Service settings

Within service settings you will find two questions first. Please explain why you want to mentor and what makes you suitable as a mentor for the first question. The second question is about finding the right mentee. Who/ what sort of mentee do you think would find value in your experience?

Settings ment sust 3

Make sure your calendar is connected

You can find this under account settings. 

Settings mentor calendar

What now?

Once you have updated your profile. You can search for mentors.  You can send the mentor a request and then they will approve that request if you are a good fit. 

Please share!

We are in this together. The more people we have on the system the bigger and farther we can all go. PLease consider sharing something like the following on your social channels.

"Just completed my mentee onboarding on Sustainability Mentors. I am now a mentee and am looking forward to growing and increasing my sustainability impact! Sign up here: http://bit.ly/SustainabilityMentors @sustainablement "





Daniel O'Connor

Daniel O'Connor

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