Mentor not responding? No time to waste, time to get pushy,  here's an email template guaranteed to get a response.

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This is a common issue! Do not be discouraged!

It is harder work than ever in sustainability right now. After 20 years of banging heads against doors, we suddenly have doors open in places that doors have never been open before.

This means the average sustainability bod is maxed out with requests and projects. 

You selected your mentor? They didn't respond? You sent them another message? They didn't respond?

Your mentor is maxed out...but they still want to mentor you.

They have signed up to this service and have clearly demonstrated that they are looking for a mentee. 

Show some perseverance. Send them a well thought out email. (Grab a template below)

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Check out your mentor’s digital footprint — are they on Twitter or LinkedIn? Do they have a blog? Read what they are commenting on. Show them you have put some effort into finding out about their interests and background and use that to start building that rapport.

Get in touch with them through other social media platforms.

Take control, push your agenda, push for your mentor to accept your meeting and get cracking.

You might feel that your mentor is put up on a pedestal and you might not want to approach them.

You've got to get in touch, you've got to push them. Your mentor has 1000 other messages in their inbox and yours might have got lost, they might not have got your email, they might have been on annual leave. They might just have not had time. 

If you show willing.

If you show initiative.

If you show that you appreciate their time.

They will respond. 

Here's a quick guide to writing an Linkedin message or an email that will get a response:

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  1. Include a interesting subject line (you need to stand out)
  2. Write a strong opening line
  3. Include helpful body copy- who you are , why you are writing
  4. Add your availability and call for a meeting in the closing sentence
  5. Add a professional signature with full contact details including social media

Potential subject lines

The only job of the subject line is to get your email opened! Make it interesting but not spammy or click baity.


  • Ideas for [thing that's important to them]
  • Question about [recent event they wrote about or commented on].
  • Question about [goal they have- which you have seen from their Linkedin page or similar].
  • Thoughts about [title of blog post that they wrote or is on their website].
  • Have you considered [thought / recommendation as a result of reading their social media comments]?


Opening Line

DO NOT start with “Hi my name is …”

Start with something more meaningful so that you grab their attention, 

  • I noticed you had said...
  • I saw that we both ... have you got the same connection on Linkedin? Or studied in same city.. look for overlaps!
  • I loved your post on ...check Linkedin..or google
  • Congratulations on ... search google to see if they have had any awards or case studies published


Body of email

The body of the email should convey value on why it is important that you start the mentorship process. (errr we are running out of time and we need to expedite sustainability) . Tell them what your intention or vision is for your mentorship.  Remind your mentor why they are interested in mentoring. You need to remind them of why they signed up (Use this as inspiration) and what is in it for them!  What can you give them as a mentee?


Call to Action (CTA)

Your call to action is simple. You want to get your mentorship started. Give them an array of dates and times and ask them to pick one. 

Remember we are in a rush to expedite sustainability so you need to get cracking with your mentorship.

Thank them in advance for being so generous with their time and expertise.  


And sign off in your own way.... and let me know how it went!


Daniel O'Connor

Daniel O'Connor

I use my time and experience to contribute to the transition to a regenerative sustainable society for all.