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We are all trying to change culture...correct?

One of the best ways to get culture change is by illustrating social proof of a given behaviour.

Social proof  basically describes the human phenomena where we copy what others are doing ! We have some deep seated instinct to copy other humans ..maybe this is in order to survive and a fundamental part of human development and success? 

We can take advantage of this in our drive to change culture around sustainability. 

If you can show that most of the community are following a certain behaviour then you can persuade most of the remaining.

innovation adoption life cycle curve graph

You may have seen this graph which shows the adoption rate of new technology or process or behavior in a given population. 

There are loads of ways to achieve cultural change. One of the ways we can spread a new behaviour throughout the community is by giving user case studies to demonstrate that a culture change or process is easy to do and worthwhile.

I have written previously about how to tell great stories and case studies in organisational settings  on two levels. At the department level but also the individual level.  

We are at an interesting stage right now with Sustainability Mentors. We have significant activity. We have 200 paired mentees.  We have proven there is a need. But I think we are still at the early innovators. You are an innovator. 

But we need to move the needle.

We want to make mentorship normal for everyone working on sustainability. We want that to happen fast.

We need to demonstrate that taking on a mentorship is meaningful and worth doing.

Therefore..I am looking for case studies right now to demonstrate the effectiveness and worthiness of the mentorship process.

If you would like to tell your mentorship story I will make it into a blog article so that we can demonstrate to others that this is a great thing to do! Just drop me an email right here.




Daniel O'Connor

Daniel O'Connor

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