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by Joseph Kennedy

Sustainability Entrepreneur recently completed our first six-week validation phase.

In that time we generated 170 prospects for our email list. These people landed on our landing page and gave us their email addresses. They showed they were interested, now it’s on us to give them some value. We registered them for our 6-week email course and used that to collect some validation data. You can see the data here. Right now, all we can do is to look at these data sets and make scalable assumptions, but that’s not what we want to do.

We want to be talking to people and getting to know them.


What’s next?

We want to separate the 170 signups depending on what their issues are. Some people click on the call to actions and are willing to put in the work to learn. Some people are so scared to even begin and they let fear take a grip of their ambitions. Some people are massive procrastinators and keep putting off their goals and dreams. Other people are just too busy to take a good idea forward. Others might not have a good idea yet. Others might feel they lack knowledge about sustainability. Some people might have an idea that they don’t understand or know what to do with. Some people might have validated an idea but they don’t know how to build or sell it. From those 170 people, almost all of them are going to fall into these categories.

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Getting on the phone

The next stage for us is to separate our subscribers and then get on the phone with each of them for 10 minutes. Out mentors will call them, coach them on their next steps and try to break down whatever barrier is standing in the way.

This activity has two main purposes. The first is that we want to delight our subscribers so that they say ‘Bloody hell, this is a great service! Not only do I get the email series for generating an idea, but now an experienced mentor is calling me for free to talk about my problems!’.

The second purpose is that our mentors can talk to people and learn what is really going on and feedback the information to our team so that we can develop different types of support to meet their needs. The mentor might come back and say 'great idea but we need to help them with XYZ' or ‘they aren’t really committed', or they might come back and say ‘this person has what it takes but no money or time’. We’re going to get real anecdotal data that will push us towards validation.

We can even learn how better to use mentor calls for this service, but we need to start doing them to learn how to make them truly effective. It’s a learning process on both sides.

To get your free coaching session fill out this 30 sec questionnaire...

What is holding you back?



What are you waiting for?



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