Contribute to the strategic direction of this service? Attend our first advisory board meeting.

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We had a great response to our appeal for member of our advisory.  A huge thanyou to everyone who put their hat in the ring! 

I have spoken to more than 20 professionals who want to contribute to the strategic direction of this service and the whole community is grateful for their guidance. 

But due to COVID the development of the board took a bit of a back seat, while I had to steer my primary business through these choppy uncertain waters....BUT WE ARE BACK AT IT!

Our first advisory board meeting goes down this month on July 29th at 8PM for 45-60 mins. 

If you are interested in being part of the advisory board then please attend. 


We are looking for more experts from...

  • Marketing
  • Mentorship and/or coaching
  • Customer service/ user experience
  • Business Development
  • Sustainability
  • Tech/ Software as a Service (SaaS) growth and scaling


I am keen to have advisors from countries in Africa, Asia and South America.


I am also keen for advisors who are studying at uni or have just graduated. 


I am opening this meeting up to anyone who is interested in being on the advisory board. 

This it is my belief that the right decisions are made by the crowd .

Furthermore by having a larger amount of advisors we get a more rounded opinion going forward.

We also open more doors.

We also get a larger network. 

So what is in it for the advisor? 

  • You get to add the fact to your Linkedin profile and resume! This will help with career progression!
  • You will get immense satisfaction from seeing this project grow into a significant conduit for rapid change.
  • You will be contributing to the development of a mentorship program which supports the sustainability movement and will have big impacts!
  • You will get any expenses incurred.
  • You will get to form a team with other business executives and grow your network of meaningful operators trying to change the system.
  • You will be exposed to new ideas and thinking.
  • Depending on your current objectives,  you may well get new customers from our membership.
  • You will get great kudos and prestige . Another feather in your cap!
  • Depending on what happens next we maybe able to pay a stipend or offer equity in the project.





Daniel O'Connor

Daniel O'Connor

I use my time and experience to contribute to the transition to a regenerative sustainable society for all.