Our 1 Page, 12 Month, Business Plan.

Topics: Our Story



What do we want?

Our vision is help expedite sustainability, by creating relationships where people can share experiences to magnify their impact.

We will make sustainability mentorship normal. 

We are a global impact magnification tool for anyone working towards sustainability.

We want to be a world class global resource to help people maximise their sustainability impact quicker.

We have created a platform to help facilitate mentorship in the sustainability community.  Global. Intra and inter sectoral.  Intergenerational. 

What value are we providing? Why will people stay with us?

We have created a space for more experienced to pass their learning onto less experienced, in order to magnify the impact of both parties. 

  • Match up mentors and mentees in a safe environment with the right tools and guidance to deliver great mentorship peer to peer
  • Help and support the mentorship process with online and offline resources, groups and tools
  • Build a community all working towards a common objective
  • Track impact

What is the most important thing?

Provide the tool for effective mentorship and subsequent impact.

To do that, we need to create resources which attract and nurture sustainability professionals and keep them coming back and maintain their mentorship relationship within the platform.



Why do we want it?

We want to help solve a big problem. The biggest problem of our time.  We want to encourage cross organisational and inter sectoral collaboration. We are re-defining how to do business.  Sharing experiences and learning so that we all accelerate our impact. Competitors collaborating with each other. 


How are we going to get there?

1) We will develop a customer happiness strategy to delight our existing members (and learn what they need) and make mentorship as easy as it can be. 

2) We will develop a training and support strategy to facilitate effective mentorship.

3) We will develop a growth and marketing strategy.

4) We will appoint a board to guide the development of the service.

5) We will appoint relevant team members to deliver each part of the strategy. 

6) We will work with CEO's and other leaders to make sustainability mentorship normal.

7) We will work with corporates to support their mentoring needs. 



What do we need?

  • Instate an Advisory Board of Directors
  • Hire a community manager to delight members and facilitate the mentorship sessions more directly. 
  • Hire the rest of the team to grow incrementally globally.
  • Initiate corporate mentorship offering as a paid service for intra and inter corporate sustainability mentorship programs.
  • Recruit regional event hosts
  • Develop regional events
  • Develop further the membership platform into something which aims to improve the effectiveness of sustainability professionals.
  • Explore partnerships with other organisations and outlets in order to grow the network.


How do we get what we need?

How do we create a world class service with maximum impact?

We will fund the world class service via corporate packages for organisations seeking to get involved with sustainability mentorship and place themselves as leaders inthe field.

We will seek monthly subscription donations- amount is at the discretion of the member. We are looking at a donation subscription rate that is tiered depending on seniority. 

We will seek corporate sponsorship.

We will  seek public and private funding.

We aim to be financially sustainable within year 1.


Who are we helping?

In the first instance we will work with those who are working directly on sustainability in organisations. This is the easiest route to market.

We will then provide value to corporate bodies in the form on internal mentorship programs to upskill their green co ordinators and other staff.

We will then work with those in organisation who are not necessarily tasked with sustainability objectives, but we will introduce them to mentors who are, in order to integrate sustainability into all job roles. 


How are we going to tell people?

We will grow by delighting existing members and using that experience to attract further interest.

Referrals; We aim to tell our story well and delight our members so that they refer our services to others. 

We will develop a Linkedin strategy. Most of our target personas live in Linkedin.  Linkedin offers the best ROI. 

We will develop an inbound marketing strategy to tell the story of our members. 


How will we know we have arrived?

By our first birthday we will have

  • 10,000 subscribers of the newsletter with average of 20% open and 10% click rate
  • 4000 active members paying an average of £5/month each (via personal budget or Continuing Professional Development from their employers training budget)
  • Make sustainability mentorship normal
  • £200K revenue by end of April 2021


What now?

We will recruit....

  • Community Manager to delight and manage our existing community.
  • Content Manager to support our community with valuable guidance and tell the story.
  • An Advisory Board made up of experts from
    • Sustainability
    • Entrepreneurial , Tech and/or SaaS growth
    • Customer experience/ user experience/ 
    • Marketing
    • Mentorship

In the first year we will engage: (in order of timeline and role progression)

  • Growth Manager/ Marketer.
  • Events Manager- to develop our regional meetings.
  • Regional Coordinators to support regional meetings. 
  • Partnerships Manager to develop relationships with those organisations who manage large communities of people who need mentorship. That could be corporates, trade bodies and associations. 
  • Impact analyst. We need to know what the impact of mentorship is in order to grow participation. People will not change behaviour unless they have a good reason. We are trying to make sustainability mentorship normal.

In the second year we will seek:

  • Head of Strategy and Operation.
  • Growth and Marketing Manager.
  • Head of programme

Can you help us with any of the roles above? Get in touch below and we can set up a quick call. 

Yes! I'd love to help the service grow


Daniel O'Connor

Daniel O'Connor

I use my time and experience to contribute to the transition to a regenerative sustainable society for all.