We are looking for a team. Do you want to get obsessed about making sustainability mentorship normal?

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Do you want to help this platform grow into a global world class resource?

Are you between roles?

Have you just graduated and are looking for experience?

Do you feel like you want to take more action outside of your current role?

Our vision is to make sustainability mentorship normal to maximise the impact of both parties and expedite sustainability.

But we need help....

We have proved people need this platform

We have over 200 paired mentees!  We have 1500+ members. 


Time to scale up

We have created a space for more experienced to pass their learning onto less experienced, sustainability professionals. 

But now we need to get that message out there to scale up this impact.

We need to improve our offering.

We need to increase our collective impact.

We need to assess our impact.



To scale up this platform we need help with the following roles.

There is minimal monetary reward at the moment, ( I hope this will change quickly) but you will own a percentage of the business/company/ social enterprise/ charity. 

We still need to explore and discuss the ownership and legal status of the business. We will decide collaboratively. 

If any of the following fits your experience and you can commit a certain amount of hours per week (minimum 4) then read on.

  • All roles can be conducted remotely on any time zone.
  • For all of the below you need to be a self starter, needing minimal management and have loads of initiative. 
  • We will work collaboratively, remotely, using the best online tools, to make this happen.


Partner/ Co Founder

I am seeking a partner and co founder to run Sustainability Mentors.  You need to be entrepreneurial, enthusiastic, know how to get things done and lead a team. 

I am looking for someone with the passion, drive and hunger to grow and help make sustainability mentorship normal. 


Fundraising / Finance Manager

We need to make this service financially sustainable but we do need private or public seed funding to get things going pay wages and develop the product.  We need someone who knows their way around sustainability , community and ethical funding to get cracking straight away so we can start to pay the rest of these roles! This role will grow into a full time finance manager role. 


Linkedin Growth Manager

At present our main recruitment of new customers is via Linkedin. We need someone to develop and execute our Linkedin strategy. You should be experienced in using Linkedin to build rapport and have meaningful conversations.  You should know Linkedin inside and out. 


Community Manager

The community manager is the main contact between the service and the people who are using the service.  You will liaise with our members on the platform, the Linkedin group as well as via email. You should have experience in customer relations, customer service and/or user experience. You should enjoy bringing people together and listening to their needs. 

For now you will also manage our blog, email newsletter and social media accounts. 


Marketing Manager

The marketing manager is responsible for creating and delivering our communications strategy which will dictate how members and potential members get to see our message. The marketing manager should be a great digital marketer.  


Partnership Manager

A significant part of our business plan and growth will be linking up with institutions and organisation who align with our values. In particular we hope to develop paid for corporate sustainability mentor networks. If you are experienced in sales and/or cross organisational collaboration then get in touch. 


Mentorship Manager

You will be an experienced coach or mentor and will be helping us develop our mentorship support services.  This will include mentorship programmes and training resources. 


Regional Manager 

You will set up the processes, procedures and automations in order to publicise arrange and deliver local activity in liaison with regional representatives. 


Regional Representatives

We will be taking this show on the road in every city working with universities corporates and the sustainability sector in each city. You will help to build the network in your city. 


Product Manager

We have delivered the minimal viable product to demonstrate the need to a mentorship platform. Now we need to improve on this offering to provide more value to members. You will help to develop the product that will make sustainability mentorship normal. 


Admin support

Administration tasks associated with all of the roles above. 


If any of these roles fit your objectives then let's have an initial conversation. Let me know when is good for you here.


Daniel O'Connor

Daniel O'Connor

I use my time and experience to contribute to the transition to a regenerative sustainable society for all.