Need help to move your sustainability idea project or business forward?

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Free clinic for anyone who has an idea, project or wants to start or develop their business/not for profit in the sustainability/ wellness/ ethical or community cohesion space.


What if you had an objective friend you could consult, bounce ideas off and help you make progress? 


I have been donating my Friday afternoons to help people move forward and increase their impact.

I am calling this activity "Forward Friday".  I want to help you move forward. 


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If you have an issue you are struggling with. A barrier that needs overcoming. A blockage that needs releasing, I am here to help you,  for free.

I work with people who are working in sustainability, community, wellness and ethical spaces .

I am good at sustainability, business strategy, digital marketing, start ups, side projects, organisational culture change, entrepreneurship, self care, career development, ideas,  and idea validation and I am really good at getting lots of stuff done (in less time than other people). 

I am not a trained coach. I don't want to be.  

I have been in sustainability and culture change for 20 years and had good success with my primary business for the last 10 years. I have also been pushing the boundaries of life experience for longer than that.  

I can possibly help you move forward and break down your barriers. 

I am doing this because post COVID I want to keep some of the habits I have adopted during "The Great Pause" . One of these habits is to give more time to community.

I have also been inspired by many people doing great things for free during lockdown like Mark Shayler's daily QiGong sessions and Matthew Bagwell's free breathwork sessions. 

I also hope to develop my listening skills.  

Whether you are a CEO, a student, unemployed or transitioning your work role and you are working towards a better society for all- I can probably help. 

Whether that's a new sustainability, wellbeing or ethical career, project, policy, start up.

Or getting clarity on direction, increasing productivity or anything to do with moving to a sustainable society, then book your 20 minute slot right here.

I ran this experiment for 3 months. It went very well so i have extended it!

If you want to take this opportunity book your session below. (If you don't see any slots on the dates you want it means they are booked so keep scrolling until you get a date that fits)


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Daniel O'Connor

Daniel O'Connor

I use my time and experience to contribute to the transition to a regenerative sustainable society for all.