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We have over 200 mentor mentee pairings after only 6 weeks of operation.

Read more about that here. 

One bit of feedback I am getting from mentees is:

"Lots of mentors do not have their profiles updated so I will wait for now."

This article is just a prompt to mentors to make sure they update their profiles so that mentees can link up properly. 


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Update your profile

Log in with your mentor log in. (Log in is here) If you have misplaced the password request a new one. 

Once logged in access profile settings on the left.

Sustainability Mentors mentors profile 1Update your profile.

Let everyone know what you are all about. Upload a piccie. Tag your professional skills. These are displayed on your thumb nail. 

mentor onboard 2

Service settings

Within service settings you will find two questions first.

Please explain why you want to mentor and what makes you suitable as a mentor for the first question.

The second question is about finding the right mentee. Who/ what sort of mentee do you think would find value in your experience?

Settings ment sust 3

That is it!

So please let me know if you are experiencing any other friction as a mentor. Can you log in OK? Did you not get your invite? Did the invite link not work?



Daniel O'Connor

Daniel O'Connor

I use my time and experience to contribute to the transition to a regenerative sustainable society for all.