What Has AirBnb Got To Do With Mentorship?

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When Air Bnb were just getting started they got very low traction. And so the founders actually went and visited the 50 or so people who had put their properties on the site to get to know them and see what the issues were. This action then gave them the inside scoop on growing the business- because they focussed on what their customers needed.

This service is 3 months old. We have over 1000+ members. So I am going to take a leaf out of the Air Bnb book. Stop promoting the service and actually get in touch with our members to see what they think and what their issues are.

I think I know a little bit already...

What's the problem?

  • Our members need help and guidance to maximise their potential quickly. They want to find a mentor.


  • They feel that they can share their experiences with others to help them proceed. They want to help a mentee. 


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What's happening?

I am serious about helping you increase your impact and expedite sustainability via mentorship.

We have over 1000 members on the Sustainability Mentors system. With 200 pairings. And we already have some great mentorship going down. You can read about mentorship case studies here!


Next steps?

We have published our one year business plan, where we map out how we will become a world class service globally.....but the focus for the next few months is on delighting our existing members.


Delighting our existing members

I want you to feel that this service is a no brainer and a vital part of your career.

I have had 4 mentorship sessions now and I can say that they have been potentially life changing.

I want to make sure all our members feel like that about our service.

We have a community of over 1000 members. We need to look after you. We need to understand what you need. We need to make the process as easy as it can be. 

Here is how we are gonna help make that as easy as possible.

  • Listen to you.
  • Regular webinars to demonstrate the service and take any questions.
  • Get in touch with your personally over email/ Linkedin to understand your needs.
  • Offer personal telephone consultations to take you through the system and explore your needs. (Book yours here).
  • Check in with those who have had mentorship sessions to see what we can do to help make it happen.
  • Create more guidance videos on various aspects of the system and mentorship.
  • Actively grease the cogs of mentorship by chasing up meetings.
  • Monitoring the impact of mentorship so we can tell the story of mentorship better.
  • Create an easier way to communicate amongst the membership. 
  • Educate our members so that mentorship experiences are effective.
  • Eliminate dissatisfaction.
  • Help you achieve your goals!

And let us know if there is anything else we can do to facilitate more effective mentorship. We are all ears!

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My Promise

I created this platform where you can find a mentor or where you can be a mentor. I am going to make this platform as easy to use as possible so that we have as many matches, or introductions as possible, so that we have many mentorships sessions as possible, so that we move the needle and get people maximising their path. That is what I promise to you.


I have emailed and Linkedin ver 1000 of you over the last 6 weeks. Thanks to those who responded your feedback has given me great insight into how to improve the service. 


Have you had your first mentorship session yet?

(Tell me about yours!



Daniel O'Connor

Daniel O'Connor

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