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Why recording mini wins is the path to success!

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I've officially started recording my mini wins.

In this article, Daniel talks about one of his methods that keeps him happy, appreciative and successful. Read for yourself and see if this technique can help you find balance in your day to day life.


What I mean by mini wins  is acknowledging, perhaps just writing down, the smallest things in a day that help me on my way - the little things that fall in my favour.

This spun from something that my wife and I have always done as a joke; if something good happened we'd be like: "Yay! Mini win!"



That was in the family and it’s drifted into my work life. It's all about recognising the good stuff that happens while forgetting anything that's bad or negative. It's very basic, it's blunt, and it's not rocket science. But it helps keep things positive.

This really helps in those times when you lack motivation or you feel like you are getting no where.

Using technology to assist

At start of each week I've set up a reminder (using Evernote) where I list my mini wins. By the end of the week I get a massive list. When I’m reading it I say to myself, "Wow, I really made some progress."

The alternative is not writing the mini wins down- and not recieving that little confidence boost when i need it. 



This is what it looks like in reality:

When I look through my list, it's funny, because some of the mini wins I kind of engineer through my own stupidity. There are often occasions where I should have ended up in the doo-doo. For instance: I was parked in my van in North London a few hours prior to meeting a client, working away with my laptop, making calls, and doing webinars. I've got my laptop plugged in, charging on my van’s battery.

I've got plenty of time to travel into London, which is over an hour on the tube. I work away until I go to turn over the engine on my van, but lo and behold, the battery's dead! I've literally got 30 minutes of wiggle room for this meeting that I have to go and do in London.

So I'm sat there thinking: "Oh, gosh, I'm in trouble here." Over the road, there's a car wash. I ask the guys in the car wash if they can help me push my van and give me a bump start, just so I can drive to the train station. However, these guys are too busy, and he's really apologetic, but, he points over the road where there's another van getting recovered – and obviously a recovery vehicle could help me a lot! I go over to the guy in the recovery vehicle, tell him my story, and he says: "Yeah man, no problem, we'll help you." So he comes over, jump starts, and gets the van going. I give him a couple of beers which I had in my fridge in the back of the van.


Seeing the bigger, brighter picture

In the record of my mini wins that week, I haven't dwelled on the fact that I mistimed my meeting. Although I did make a note of it as a learning point. Instead, I actually celebrate the fact that there was a recovery vehicle in the vicinity who could jump start the van. So I've really focused on the positive.

My take-home-tip on this is to celebrate your mini wins. Have a mobile document or even scribble it down somewhere handwritten. The mini wins may not seem like much when viewed on their own, but when you look at them over the week, and then the month (imagine what a year would look like) you really feel like you're making progress and that's a nice positive feedback loop.

If you’d like to give it a go, sign up to my recipe on IFTTT. This will send a note to your Evernote every day to fill in.

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Daniel O'Connor

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