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Reuse Within & Between Organisations: Warp It Regional Workshops

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Making Reuse Mainstream

Our aim is to make reuse repair and redistribution of surplus assets, furniture and equipment mainstream in organisations.

Our objective is to give you the tools and tips to help you do that in your organisation.

We are delivering a series of regional workshops to do just that.

We know you are busy and we know it is very hard to get away from work, so we are going to squeeze a lot into these 4 hour sessions. 

We have 15-20 minute slots where you will hear from procurement, waste, facilities management and sustainability experts  talking about their reuse journey and how they have overcome barriers.

We will split these presentations up with breakout sessions, where you will meet and work with colleagues from other organisations who are also streamlining reuse. 

We will also be stimulating innovation. Exploring issues and problems you face at work in order to make reuse better and to develop new services to help you get what you need to get done. 

Mark Shayler from This is Ape will be hosting the majority of innovation sessions. Check out what he has to say here.

The topics are vast and the things you can learn will be amazing (if you are into increasing organisational reuse or increasing your impact at work!).

Here is just a peak at some of the subjects we will explore. 

"Senior buy is the most effective action to deliver reuse- 5 ways to get senior buy in"

"We've always done it this way!" How to turn an objection into a desire.

"15 actions the procurement department can do to stimulate reuse". 

"Innovations idea generator".

"Inter agency collaboration. How to collaborate across your city and region to maximise reuse". 

The objectives of the workshops are

  • Help stakeholders across the region to collaborate with each other to maximise reuse internally and externally. 
  • Share experiences of barriers and solutions to help  to maximise reuse.
  • Develop new solutions to the issues you face at work around reuse and other areas of common concern.

We have the following dates booked in with more to follow. Click on your nearest city to get more info about the agenda and book.  


Leeds. March 14th. Horizon Leeds. 


London. March 22nd. University of London.


Birmingham.  University of Birmingham.


Nottingham. May 23rd Nottingham City Council.


Manchester. June 5th. Manchester Metropolitan University.  


Bristol. June 12th. Create Centre.


Newcastle 5th July. Venue TBC


Edinburgh 3rd MayVenue TBC


Cardiff 19th SeptemberVenue TBC


Belfast 17th OctoberVenue TBC 


Glasgow 1st NovVenue TBC



In the workshops you will

  • Get the chance to meet Warp It members- as well as the big players from organisations across the region. 
  • Learn about how they have implemented reuse,  so that you can get the short cuts to success
  • Learn what not to do so that you avoid the pitfalls and potentially wasted effort
  • Make connections with others in the same sector and interest areas as you
  • Learn how other sectors have solved the problems that you face
  • Get ideas to improve your own reuse system
  • Help to develop Warp It
  • Help to develop solutions to common pain points


Workshops are aimed at

  • Sustainability
  • Procurement
  • Facilities Management
  • Waste Managers
  • Space Management
  • Building decommissioning managers
  • Charity partners


If you want to speak or host at future events let us know!


What now?

Book to attend your local event right here.

Reasons to attend

These events will be invaluable to maximise reuse in your organisation. By maximising reuse you will be saving more waste and procurement costs and embedding sustainability behaviour.

If you need reasons to attend please see here.

We need speakers at some events- see here for why you should speak at an event. 

If you would like to speak about your reuse journey please let us know here . 

If you can donate a venue please let us know here.


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Alexandra O'Connor

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