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We just made it much easier to find a mentor 

We launched in a bit of a hurry due to the surprising demand for this service.  And so we missed off a key feature. 

Until last week when you searched for a mentor you were just given a sea of mentors with no ability to filter. This meant you had to go by the info that appeared on their thumbnail. 


Now you can filter...:)

We knew this was causing issues...

But you also told us this in our first customer feedback survey . You said that we need a search facility! So as of last week you have one!

search mentorsIf you log into your mentee account. Search mentors. You can now filter by skill and by keyword.

We are on a journey and our vision is that this will be a world class mentorship programme. Read more here.

Things are not perfect and onboarding could be improved. That is what we are looking to improve right now. Our email delivery is causing issues also!

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Please help us get better so that we can facilitate more mentorship and maximise impact. Please fill in our survey here.


Next step?




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Daniel O'Connor

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