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How Can Warp It Work On Business Parks?

Smart city, Features and benefits

Welcome. In this article we are going to answer one question that we have been asked many times in the past - ‘How can Warp It work on business parks?’.


What is the Warp It model?

Firstly, we must understand that Warp It is a marketplace which gives access to the employees of organisation, allowing them to swap and clear surplus assets between each other in, and outside of, their organisation. It functions very well, saving millions of pounds and avoiding tens of thousands of tonnes of waste each year.


Business parks

The model of an organisation can be replicated for a business park. On a business park there are many different businesses who all have surplus furniture, equipment, stationery and more. Every now and then, there will be an office move, and that will create some surplus assets. In many organisations, what will happen is that some emails will get sent out stating ‘I have a spare chair and desk’, and they’ll start looking for new homes for them.


With Warp It, we make it known across the entire organisation where to go and what to do with your surplus items. Warp It saves times, it saves money, and it frees up storage. This would be beneficial for every unique business on a business park. No more spreadsheets, email rings, or trying to shift items one by one in a laborious way.


How would it work?

Each business on the business park would have their own accounts, as well as accounts for the administrative team, and the business park’s facilities management provider. We can build a portal, for example, called WarpIt/BusinessParkABC, and all the businesses who want to use it in your park will apply to join the portal.


Once the administrator has accepted them, they can view the marketplace for the whole park. That marketplace functions like it would with a normal organisation, except instead of an organisation with staff using it, it’s a business park, with businesses using it.


Going one step further

Warp It allows members to link up and trade across organisational boundaries, if desired. Imagine you are business park ABC, and five minutes away is business park DEF, wouldn’t it be great if you could trade assets with them too? The partnerships are not just limited to other organisations of a similar type; your business park could make a trading relationship with a school, hospital or community centre.


If your business park is part of a larger network or chain of business parks, you can connect them all and keep even more assets moving around internally.


Benefits of Warp It to business parks

  • Demonstrating leadership of sustainability
  • Showing they are pioneers of efficiency
  • Building relationships and useful partnerships
  • Making good decisions for finances and environment
  • Reducing waste disposal and procurement costs
  • Improved collaboration across the business park (which has so many benefits beyond reuse)
  • Using a system that tracks data that can be used for reporting and progress updates
  • Potential to get free items from a large network of organisations instead of buying new



The system is easy to use, items are easy to list, and connection requests are easy to send. Data is tracked, savings are made, and you gain a competitive edge over other business parks. It’s a win, win, win, win, win, win situation. So what are you waiting for?

Trying to imagine how Warp It will work in your organisation?

See six examples here.

six successful business cases 


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Joseph Kennedy

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