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Recognising those who contribute towards the reuse function in Facilities Management

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If the CEO and senior management abandoned an organisation overnight and did not come back for one month.

The staff probably would not notice the difference.

If the porters or cleaners (and others in Facilities Management) did the same, after 3 days the organisation would not be able to function.

This article is about recognising those who help to make reuse happen.

Operational staff within FM are the unseen oil that grease the cogs of any large estate.

However, their work usually goes unnoticed.

  • Who is the furniture fairy who makes sure corridors and free access?
  • Who grits the path at 4am in the morning on a cold winters day?
  • Who makes sure the waste does not back up and is collected on time?
  • Who makes sure the corridors are free of obstruction?
  • Who cleans up the office?

The porters, cleaners and other operational staff keep the wheels spinning on any estate. But their activities all happen in the background and so their work often goes unrecognised.

We have created little metal pin badges which estates directors and estates managers can give to their staff as a little show of appreciation.

FM hero job done badge.png


Why should you recognise contribution?

Everyone responds to appreciation at work, especially when it’s expressed through recognition of their efforts because it confirms their work is valued.

Recognising staff contribution has the following benefits

  • Makes staff happier
  • Increases loyalty
  • Helps develop team culture
  • Helps retain staff
  • Increases job satisfaction
  • Increases productivity

When you thank someone not only are you doing the right thing but you are also cementing that relationship.

You can get a porters insight about reuse  right here.


How are you going to recognise their input?

We have created a list of lots of different ways you can thank colleagues right here.

However we have another final idea! Back in autumn we started to develop the idea of producing some pin badges to be used as a way of recognising the contribution of colleagues to the reuse process.  You guys chose the winner!

badge example.png

Order your pin badges here!

To order your pin badges just fill in the form at the button below and we will send them via the post.

Order badges here


About the Author..

Alexandra O'Connor

Alexandra O'Connor

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