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Breaking down the impossible

 My brother said you can't run 100 miles if you don't think you can run 100 miles, and I have ended up agreeing to run 50 miles this July. With a view to running 100 next year!

This sounds lke a massive feat but really if you break it down into small milestones which incrementally improve yor capacity, then anyone could achieve this. That's what they say. 

I am going to test this theory out. 

I talk regularly in this blog about breaking goals down into small bits so that they are achievable

I am using the same principle to reach 50 miles. 

I cannot help but to simplify everything.

Here are my milestones for this project.

I am starting off with tiny baby steps and then ramping up the increments as I get more confident.

My consecutive milestones are 

1) Buy some trainers and running kit

2) Download Strava. 

3) Start walking to work at a pace of 3 MPH or more

4) By the end of October run 5 miles averaging more than 3MPH off road

5) By the end of November run 10 miles averaging more than 3MPH off road. 

6) Every 2 months check in with Brother (do a run with him) to make sure I am on track. Need to discuss elevations. 

7) By the end of December run 15 miles  averaging more than 3MPH off road. Need to addin elevation target.

8) By the end of each month ramp up the mileage increment by 5 miles, until I am running so that I can run 40 miles by the end of May. Need to add in elevation targets.

What do you think of that simple plan?

It's the start of December and me and my Bro just walked/ran 13 miles with 3000ft elevation this weekend.  So I am on track.

Obviously if i get injured or something crops up i will have to change course but the above plan i am hoping will see me through. 

Read my other posts on this crazy goal here. Will I make it to the Lakes in July??!!

I am raising money for a charity called Epic Kidz, who provide small grants for volunteer groups organising sporting or recreational activities for children. If you would like to support this activity then please donate here. 

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Daniel O'Connor

I use my time and experience to contribute to the transition to a regenerative sustainable society for all.


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