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Workshop: hands-on help for your reuse programme- an exploration!

We are proposing something new! Something that will massively increase reuse. Something that will help you push things along, demonstrate the power of the circular economy and, in particular, prove the business model.


In this online event we explore this proposal to see if it is valid and if it is valid what will it look like. 

The smooth operations of your reuse project are critical for long-term success and continued engagement from all involved.

As reuse gains traction in your organisation, it’s likely you’ll find increasing numbers of unwanted items unearthed and ready for reuse whether internally or for other organisations and charities.

It’s important these items are itemised, redistributed, moved, and stored in some cases, effectively as they flow through your reuse system.

It can seem a mammoth task to catalogue and upload assets, especially when planning for large clearances, and the Warp It cataloguing system is designed to make it as easy as possible depending on your needs. However...

  • We know staff will resist cataloguing assets at times.

  • We know storage is perceived as a barrier.

  • We know logistics can be tricky.

  • We also know working with charities can be challenging.

Lately we've had customers who ask if there might be a way to supply a resource to help with general Warp It and reuse activities,  and this event is a consultation to understand if there is a need for this within the customer base.

Do you need an extra pair of hands for the smooth running of Warp It once a week, once a month?


The assumption we're seeking to validate is that some customers might require an on-demand Warp It team member situated on their site to help manage the system and associated activities depending on needs.

This may include cataloguing of assets, liaison with capital development, training of staff, ensuring transactions happen, helping with collections or deliveries to third parties, managing off-site storage, ensuring to assets get cleared from building clearances, and so on.

They could also help with internal logistics including deliveries and collections of items and will be on call for you one or two days a week or month depending on your needs.

The best bit about this is if you get hands on support for say one day a week then you will swiftly see the return on investment and secure more budget for future support growth of your circular economy activities.

  • We would be looking to share the resource amongst existing customers in a similar geographical nature- so for example each customer having on demand support 1-2 days a month/week.
  • In the longer term this support service lends itself very well to the development and could assist with the creation of regional storage hubs.
  • If storage hubs proved popular, the intention would be to test the need and then build a repair and refurbishment operation to further enhance service offerings. 

These hubs could allow Warp It members to use shared facilities in their geographical areas. They will provide a shared, off-site place to store unwanted items as they await reuse or repair keeping your work environment organised and hazard-free. We anticipate they will increase your reuse rates and repairfirst and deliver economies of scale.


Above: we will discuss how practical hands-on support will help you enhance your reuse activities.

Join this online event on Wednesday 8 June at 2pm to join the  first discussion on how practical support will help you enhance and complement your reuse and circular economy strategies and activities.


What are the key considerations?

  • Is this something that would help maximise your efforts?
  • What compliance and work schedules should be considered?
  • How often would you require this kind of support?
  • What are the storage, warehousing, and item handling requirements?
  • Are there any packing, lifting, or cleaning needs?
  • What level of inventory and cataloguing support is needed, and how will the information and control of items be handled?
  • What kind of transport, and frequency, is likely to be needed?
  • How would access and security be implemented and managed?
  • Do you anticipate any training requirements for you and your team?
  • What issues or challenges would you anticipate when working with an external (Warp It) team member?

Areas of improvement within our service may include:

  • How will Warp It provide hands-on support for you in a timely and efficient way? How best would you envisage booking this service?
  • How will practical and comprehensive support best help your storage, stock, and inventory management?
  • How can Warp It ensure this support optimises your reuse activities and provides added value?
  • Assets can be matched using the Warp It wish list and watch list features reducing the need for storage. Can these functions be improved or expanded?
  • Sometimes items don’t match, or uploads are delayed heightening the risk of them going to landfill. Can this be avoided?
  • How can this comprehensive service support the development of regional hubs?

Interested in learning more? Join us online on Wednesday 8 June at 2pm and discuss how practical support will help you enhance and complement your reuse and circular economy strategies and activities. Pop it in your diary now.

This event will be valuable for Warp It admins, lab managers and technicians, space and facilities managers, capital development departments, and building clearance teams.

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Daniel O'Connor

Daniel O'Connor

I use my time and experience to contribute to the transition to a regenerative sustainable society for all.


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