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We have just made finding items even easier!

We have upgraded our search bar so now finding items is easier than ever! The new 'sort by' filter options will include an array of useful search criteria that you and your organisation can utilise! 


Sort By Options

As an example I have searched for chairs on our portal. When you have searched for the item the 'sort by' filter will appear at the top of the landing page, above the item thumbnails. From here you will be able to access the new features!



Order by distance

First of all new into our filter options is Nearest First. This feature does exactly what it says on the tin, you can now enter your workplace postcode and directly see every item in ascending distance.



The new organisation filter is great for looking for other Warpitieers that you know or if you know of an  organisation that is having a clearance. 


Help I'm still stuck!

If you are a charity or school and you are still having problems or issues with trying to find items or you have any other questions please get in touch with me. For our paying customers please get in touch  with becky@warp-it.co.uk


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