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Solving problems in procurement, waste management or facilities management.

Innovation in waste management, sustainability, procurement or facilities management can sometimes be slow. Follow this guide to learn how to identify issues and generate ideas to solve them. This blog post has two objectives.

  1. Help you improve your career in your current work by coming up with an amazing idea.
  2. How to create a new career out of that idea!

If you are frustrated with the pace of innovation in your job here's how to identify and then bring an idea to life...so you can leave your job and be free to innovate! Or super charge your career within the same organisation!

In this presentation I explain how to identify unmet needs at work using a simple process. I illustrate this using my own personal story. I go on to outline how to validate that idea- to make sure it is worth pursuing.



I wish I had seen this video 10 years ago when I was working in an unstimulating environment. But I needed to go through that experience to realise what can be done and how to break down those barriers.  

The beauty of the presentation is that you don't need to be an ideas person. You just need to be able to correctly define a problem...the solution will bubble up through your subconscious if you define the problem very well.

You will like this video if you want to

  • maximise your impact at work,
  • stuck in a rut at work,  
  • want to escape your boss,
  • escape the commute,
  • escape bureaucracy etc etc.

Let me know if you have any questions or if i can help you ID an unmet need and bring the solution to life. Or if you have any tips for others. 

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Daniel O'Connor

Daniel O'Connor

I use my time and experience to contribute to the transition to a regenerative sustainable society for all.


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