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Topic: Procurement

Is Warp It Unique in the surplus asset management world?

Warp It is a unique service in the surplus asset management world. No other service provides the same method to maximise value that we do. This blog post explains why Warp It is unique. Use this content to pursuade the procurement department that there is no need to go to tender for this service. 

What is Warp It?

Our online reuse platform makes it easy for staff at work to get, give and loan surplus stationery, furniture and other equipment. This works within the organisation, and if appropriate between organisations. 
No other service delivers this infrastructure: Facilitating internal and then external trading opportunities for surplus assets. 
The system is used right across the public and private sector for the day to day churn of goods as well as helping to manage the surplus that is produced as part of the building decommission process.


  • Warp It is a procurement tool as it stops staff buying items that are already surplus.
  • Warp It is also a waste reduction tool, as it finds new owners for items that may have been thrown in a skip.

In summary using Warp it, staff can donate or loan out physical resources to others inside the same organisation or between organisations. Items are advertised on a marketplace and made available to internal staff in the first instance. If appropriate items can then be donated to other organisations like charities and schools.


Each transaction is tracked for legal, audit and sustainability reporting reasons. We do not think any other service provides this level of reporting either.


Globally- as far as we know-  no other service is delivering this type of mechanism.


Are there any other services delivering the same service?

Warp It is a resource redistribution market. There are a number of resource redistribution markets,  the biggest being Freecycle or eBay, but there are very few which are designed specifically for corporate assets.  

Even so, Warp It is different to these examples. The main reasons why Warp It is different to these systems is they do not provide internal redistribution priority and then external redistribution. 



We have some unique features which are not found in any other service of any sort;

There are no other resource redistribution markets which link up organisations (including councils, hospitals, schools, charities and businesses) on a town, city, region and national level to share resources.

We are the only service which is measuring the carbon,  waste and financial benefits of transactions for clients- which are available at any time generating automatically 24/7. 


Main competition

Our main competition comes from organisation’s own email or message board systems- it is easy but ineffective way to advertise items like this internally as it is a scatter gun approach with many emails and other failings.

However Warp it is a management system which deals with liability , security , transport and management reports- which has a massive time benefit over email/ message board systems, as well as increased participation and and subsequently increased financial savings.


In-direct competiton

Other competition is the more traditional building clearance and asset management services. These operations will remove assets from the site in bulk and either resell, recycle or store for the client. 



There are some aspects which other services deliver- but no one service delivers what we do in one platform.

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Daniel O'Connor

Daniel O'Connor

I use my time and experience to contribute to the transition to a regenerative sustainable society for all.

Topics: Procurement

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