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Taking reuse support to all UK regions

We’re here to help the Warp It community increase reuse rates, demonstrate the power of the circular economy, and prove the business model.

Our latest area of support development is how to best help Warp It customers increase reuse on the ground, on and off their estate.

We want to explore the need for on-demand, hands-on help situated onsite to help manage your reuse programme, the Warp It system and associated activities.

This service would take the form of a bookable resource (team with a van) for a set amount of time; this could be one or two days every week, fortnight, or month.  

As we would be using this service across many similar customers in the same region, over time it is expected that this would develop into regional storage hubs, providing a shared, off-site place to store unwanted items as they await reuse AND offering repair and upgrading opportunities. 



Above: regional hubs and on-demand hands-on support will be available across the UK.

We would propose to send a resource to your location to carry out reuse activities that you need assistance with. This may include

  • cataloguing assets,
  • logistics,
  • building clearances,
  • administrative duties,
  • communications,
  • training for staff,
  • helping with collections or deliveries to third parties,
  • helping existing customers collaborate better on joint campaigns and joint donations overseas for example
  • managing on and off-site storage,
  • ensuring assets are cleared from building clearances, and so on.


Anything that you require assistance with to get your reuse programme to where you need it to be. 

The support will be available regionally across the UK. However we will start the service in the region where there is the most demand from most customers. 

The storage hubs and on-demand support will increase reuse rates, deliver economies of scale for the Warp It community, and complement your reuse and circular economy strategies.

The service will be particularly valuable for Warp It admins, space managers, decant managers, and anyone interested in storing items as part of reuse plans and activities.


Interested? Email daniel@getwarpit.com to join an online call on the Wednesday 11th August at 2pm. 

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Daniel O'Connor

Daniel O'Connor

I use my time and experience to contribute to the transition to a regenerative sustainable society for all.


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