Webinar: How to Generate and Curate Ideas with Mark Shayler and Daniel O'Connor

by Joseph Kennedy

Some ideas come in the thick of the night...


Some take years to marinade.....


Or some never arrive!


If you want help generating and curating ideas Mark and Daniel will be hosting an idea generation and curation webinar on Sept 11th, 2019, 8:00 PM BST to give you the framework to generate your own ideas. 

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Do you want to run your own sustainability enterprise but you have no ideas?

Even if you already have an idea...it's much better to have a list of ideas before you start off on this mad journey!

The idea generation part of setting up your own enterprise is actually the easiest bit...but it's also the most important bit. 

In this session we will give you the insight into generating ideas using tools techniques and frameworks.  There's no guesswork- this is all proven and methodical.  

If you are going to create a successful enterprise you need a list of ideas to inspire you and push you forward. 

By the end of Mark and Daniel’s webinar, you’ll have a list of potential ideas to explore and mull over and marinade... 

Our objective is that in time you will have so many that you do not know which one to pursue! 

(.. and don't worry in a later series we will be telling you how to choose which idea to pursue.)

Mark Shayler and Daniel O’Connor are Sustainability Entrepreneurs with a passion for taking others on a journey that starts by identifying problems, exploring the related scenarios, stimulating creativity, and making sure that immense sustainable solutions come to life as a result.

There are so many areas of opportunity over the coming years.


Who will be attending?

Our viewers and attendees will be those who are struggling for ideas or inspiration but desperately want to increase their impact with a sustainability enterprise.

If you already have an idea you will also want to attend .. just to make sure you have a few more in your back pocket in case the first one doesn't fly. 


What are the key topics?

  • How to enter the creative mindset
  • How to grow and maintain curiosity
  • How to spot problems that need a solution
  • How to connect the dots across subjects and sectors to create ‘franken-ideas’
  • How to generate ideas from within
  • How to generate ideas from others
  • Followed by Q&A


By the end of the webinar, you will have a list of potential ideas to take away and validate. You’ll realise that coming up with the ideas is the easy bit.

Here’s the link once more.

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“Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen.” – John Steinbeck


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