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Warp It authenticated

Being safe online is essential and as part of our ongoing improvement measures to ensure that the Warp it system is a secure environment we’re encouraging customers to consider single sign on (SSO) method for their accounts.

SSO is an authentication method that enables you to securely access multiple applications and websites, including the Warp It portal, by using just one set of login credentials – normally your work provided username and password.

Usernames and passwords are often a target for online crime because each time you login to a new application, it presents a hacking opportunity. SSO reduces this risk.

This is particularly useful given that when we have to use different credentials for each app, we usually don’t and instead use the same or similar passwords for multiple accounts.


Single sign on

Above: SSO increases online security.


Here’s everything you need to know about SSO and using Warp It

  • It increases your security and reduces the number of attack surfaces.
  • We don’t hold staff data either, so security is further enhanced.
  • It improves your user experience, and no doubt reduces stress levels, by removing the need to remember separate usernames and passwords for each authorized app or website you want to use. You won’t have to use a password management system either.
  • It saves time and improves productivity. Because you only log in once a day and don’t have to switch between apps for various tasks, you’ll save considerable time and money.
  • You’ll encourage more participation with your staff as they’ll be able to access the Warp It gateway immediately. It happens quickly, so anyone who might be discouraged from requesting or using apps are more likely to use it
  • We can even add the Warp It icon to your desktop!
  • We will give you a unique link to use.


What now?

If you haven’t already moved over to SSO, talk to your IT team to discuss. They often have a budget for this and can help set it up for you quickly and with minimum fuss. PLease note that SSO is a chargeable customisation. We charge depending on how long it takes to integrate. In the best case scenarios (smooth integration!) this is around £500 in the worst case scenarios (messy time consuming integration)  this is £1000. Your It team would usually have a budget for this.

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