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1 easy activity to massively increase the impact of your reuse program

Procurement, Increasing participation, Easy wins

How do you increase participation in your reuse program in the most effective way possible?

The one thing we all have is time. But how do you make sure you use that time to maximum effect?

What is the main reason for your reuse program? It is to stop the purchase of goods the estate- or partners already have.

So who does the buying of goods? These people need to know about your reuse program.

There are some easy ways to increase participation in your reuse program- but I think this activity has the best ever impact;time ratio.


Target the people on your estate who buy the most stuff, furniture, equipment and supplies.

These people are buying new things all the time and they are also bound to be interested in cutting budget spend.

So they need to know about your reuse system, where they can get free stuff second hand for free.

How do you find the procurers on your estate?

Get in touch with the procurement department, and they will have a record of all the budget holders. That will be available on a spreadsheet. You take the spreadsheet and you can filter by the top procurers, top spenders.


How do you sell your reuse program to procurers?

How do you hook them in? Everybody has budget reduction targets. The reuse of surplus assets is a legitimate way to reduce spend on their budget.  Even if they're going to transport assets from another part of the estate or city or region, it's often much better to get it secondhand for free and just pay the courier charge rather than buying new, especially when you're talking about multiple high value items.


What now?


1)  Email them all using this template, letting them know that there's secondhand stuff available internally and externally.


2) Add them to your reuse system using the staff member bulk upload feature. 


About the Author..

Daniel O'Connor

Daniel O'Connor

My goal is where reuse & repair is so convenient and desirable, that organisations do not throw anything away or buy anything new.. Where reusable items are redistributed for their 2nd and 3rd useful lives and when the items fail, they are diverted into repair.

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