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New Feature: Warp It Admin Forum!

Warp It admin, Features and benefits

We are very pleased to introduce to you a brand new feature for admins here on the Warp It platform.

Having spoken to a great deal of our members about ways that we could improve the platform, it was clear to us that a forum was something that a lot of people wanted.


Who wanted it?

We reached out to some members directly via email and phone to see what they wanted the system to offer them, and then we took some ideas face to face.


At recent events in 2018, we held workshops and we brainstormed with attendees about what an admin forum would look like, and what value it would bring. This gave us a clear idea of what we had to do, and we see the admin forum as an extension of the wonderful collaborative work we have been doing with our users, who literally help to shape the platform.


Start with a trial

At first, we are operating on a trial basis, just to find the bugs, make it user friendly, and get it running perfectly so that we can open it up to other members as soon as possible.


The benefits of a Warp It forum

Firstly, we want to support admins and Warp It leads, so that they can work better together for activities such as planning collections, building relationships, and discussing future scope and scale.


Secondly, we wanted to make the network stronger, and we felt a good way to do that was to create an area where people could learn from one another. This forum will enable people to share advice, report on useful information, and perhaps recommend connections.


Where is it?

Administrators  will be able to find the admin forum in their user panel under the heading Resources. 


Do you feel that your team could benefit from some further training on the Warp It platform?

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Joseph Kennedy

Joseph Kennedy

My journey is education, communication and innovation. My destination is a world free from environmental collapse, ecological ruin and unbreathable air.

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