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Walkthrough: The Journey of an Item

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Sometimes it helps if we explain how an surplus asset flows through our system.


  • Items are deemed surplus and can be reused.


  • Items are then added to the Warp It platform by staff. See here how easy it is to add items.


  • Items are given an ‘available from’ date and an ‘advertise until’ date.


  • Available from is when the items actually stop being used by someone else.


  • Advertise until is when they have to be relocated by.


  • Items are advertised WITHIN the organisation first. If the wish list function is being used then matches can be found immediately which reduces the need for storage.


  • If you are pre loading assets before a building move, the items are usually not available yet, but will be in the future  , then staff and 3rd parties can add the item to their watch list


When a claim takes place


  • The two parties (claimant and member who listed the item) get messages telling them what to do next. This message can be customised. This is important because the new owner needs to know what to do to transfer the asset from A to B.


  • You can set up priorities internally whereby certain items can be advertised to specific departments, buildings and estates.


If the item is not claimed internally

  • It can be moved into storage and relisted, in which case the store manager gets an email advising on what to do. The items are then viewable online in the virtual store and can be claimed as above.


  • If you do not have storage and the item is not claimed internally, the asset can be advertised externally.


  • X days before the ‘advertise until’ date, the item/s will become available to 3rd parties. X can equal 5-90 days and depends on how many items you have and how desperate you are to make sure they get reused. We call these ‘share days’. 


If the item is claimed externally

  • The 3rd party received a different customisable message telling them what to do.


  • The 3rd party can then come and take that item away at their own cost.


If no claim is made before the deadline, internally or externally

  • The person who added it will receive a prompt asking if they would like to extend the deadline, or telling them what to do to get the item collected for disposal (customisable).


  • When the deadline is reached, the person responsible for disposals will get an email also.



Not only do we facilitate the reuse of items, we make it smooth and simple along with customisable messages that make the process a whole load easier for you!


The Warp It process above can also be explained through this flow chart poster for your office.

warp it process diagram

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