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Hit a savings milestone & get a special badge on your account area & a certificate in the post!! & a party when you hit £1 million! (We are looking at you Glasgow & Clyde NHS!)

Engaging your organisation in reuse is getting more and more popular each month, as we see and hear sentiment and content from all around the industry push this method of resource efficiency.

Through Warp It, members have managed to save more than £18 million collectively, with almost £7 million coming from members of the £100K club!

That is customers who have saved over £100K! 

With so many organisations, including businesses, charities, hospitals, NHS trusts, universities, colleges and schools now benefiting from our service, we thought it would be a great opportunity to highlight those who have exceeded particular milestones in savings.


Celebrate your successes

Continued motivation is so important for keeping a reuse programme operating - we’ve heard a few cases where the honeymoon period finishes and people struggle to keep up their engagement levels. 

To counteract this, we champion the idea of celebrating every victory, no matter how big or small (we even put together an epic downloadable that shows you some great celebration exercises that also build team ethic)


So as of today when your organisation passes a financial milestone in savings you will see the appropriate badge appear on your company account area. 

We will also send you a framed certificate that you can put into your trophy cabinet along with your other awards!


running track leagues competition stimulate reuse


Have you hit a milestone or made your way onto our leaderboards?  

You might want to announce this milestone by sending out the information in a newsletter, article, intranet or on your notice board. You can download our template below. 

 warp it reuse league tables announcement template free download


Did you know that you can take a look at Warp It’s best performers for thirteen different categories?

It’s true, go ahead, take a look, you can see who the best individual user is, or you can see which organisation has saved the most carbon - it’s all there for you to view.

Here's another Warp It hack

Use our templates to save time and get ideas!

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Alexandra O'Connor

Alexandra O'Connor

Helping to mainstream reuse by giving you a great customer experience anytime you visit our services here at Warp It.


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