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Admin Online COVID19 Support Session

by Becky

We are going through some challenging times. 


In times like this we need to come together and share stories so that we can get a good perspective on what is happening, banish negativity and get action orientated. 


We are stronger mentally by getting together. 


At Warp It we are so blessed to serve a wide variety of customers from different disciplines sustainability, facilities management, procurement, space management, waste management etc


We are also very lucky to support universities, colleges, Healthcare, Central Government and municipal councils. 


So there is a great opportunity for cross fertilisation of support and ideas. 


Online zoom


We are therefore organising a Warp It Admin online Zoom session. 

I think it would be good to get all the various sectors together in one room, to see if there is anything we can do as a group to help each other and help the NHS. 

In this session we can explore how the whole network can get surplus to the NHS (if it is required). 

Or we can explore how to make the Warp It system better in this time of great pause!



When and where.

On Friday 3rd at 11am  go to this link. 


Stick it in your Calendar

We will send out another message 1 day before. 


Aussie and NZ customers

We are also running a session for our cousins below the equater:

Aussie and NZ Warp It Admins Online Meet. 2pm NZDT ;  12PM AEDT ; 9am AWST



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