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How to donate surplus assets into the charity sector

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Are you seeking to improve how your organisation is currently donating surplus assets to charity?

Are you trying to find a way to effectively donate furniture to charity on a big scale?

This resource will be handy for anyone who is donating or planning to donate assets to charity as part of a surplus assets reuse program or a furniture reuse network.

We recently produced a report about surplus asset reuse practices in the US, UK and Australia.  A great deal of respondants donate surplus to charity however many do not because they see it as too challenging. 

We therefore thought it would be useful to create a report to help improve how this activity is deleivered.

We also asked our customers, newsletter readers (5K) and Twitter followers (Nearly 4K) for their opinion. They replied with great generosity. 

In this report we give you:

  • The reasons why donating assets to charity is worth pursuing- even if it can be a challenge at times
  • Barriers to donating furniture and assets to charity
  • Case studies where giving corporate assets to charity worked very well
  • Top tips for making transactions go smoothly
  • How to build a network of charity recipients

This report will be of use to anyone looking to set up or improve a furniture reuse program or system, in particular:

  • Surplus managers
  • Procurement managers
  • Sustainability managers
  • Waste managers
  • Service design managers
  • Finance Directors
  • Estates and Facilities Managers and Directors

Download the Report


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