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Topic: Procurement

Meet Procurement Pam and Procurement Paul!

Procurement Pam and Procurement Paul

"Good morning, good afternoon, good evening! We are Pam and Paul, and we both work in procurement departments throughout the land! We are here to show you a little more about our work, and we are going to look at the problems faced, responsibilities managed and particular reasons that other people working in Procurement would be aided by the use of Warp It too."


Job Titles

"Does your Procurement role fall under one of these titles?"

  • Procurement Director
  • Head of Procurement
  • Procurement Manager
  • Procurement Officer
  • Purchasing Director
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Purchasing Officer
  • Category Manager



What's this about?

“Hey! I’m Procurement Paul, and I’m going to introduce you to the overarching message when it comes to the Procurement department and making this area of a business as efficient as it could be.

Essentially, don’t buy a single thing that isn’t needed! If you are buying things you already own, you’re creating wastage.

It’s more common now to see departments train Procurement professionals to more rigorously vet every purchase order and be more thoughtful in deciding what is and isn’t necessary.

If you can relate to Procurement Pam/ Paul, it’s likely that you’ve been through this training, and that you’re interested in making savings and having the physical evidence of these savings to use to your advantage.”



"Procurement are responsible for so many things within an organisation, the main ones being..."

  • Facilitating the procurement of goods
  • Facilitating the procurement of services
  • Handling purchase orders
  • Goods and services managed, received and accounted for
  • Exploring partnerships and alliances with suppliers

Hooks and Goals - Why should you procurement be interested in reuse?

"There are dozens of reasons why investing in Warp It is going to make your working life better and improve efficiency around the organisation, it definitely helped Pam and I. Here are a few of the benefits that we found for our procurement departments after we signed up to Warp IT..."

  • Reduced overall procurement costs
  • Reduced procurement demand
  • Reduced procurement of unnecessary goods
  • Reduced purchase orders
  • Demonstrates the value of the procurement department

"As well as"

  • Reduction in carbon emissions
  • Enhanced relationship with the Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS)
  • Less or no need to rent expensive storage facilities
  • Fewer wasted resources


Pam's Procurement Story

“Hi, I’m Procurement Pam. Let me talk to you a little bit about Warp It.

This innovative bit of software gives all staff increased visibility of what other staff own that is deemed surplus to requirements across the estate. These items come from room and building clearances, refurbs and simply when a member of staff has procured something new and no longer needs the old item. Warp It has allowed us to reduce purchasing assets that we already own.

Sometimes we have a surplus of items and the purchase orders keep on coming through from other departments. Previously we weren’t tracking our stock properly, but now we know that we have a surplus we can encourage reuse instead of procurement.

I can ask the employees here to claim surplus items from Warp It from their colleagues, and this reduces procurement costs a lot. We’ve found it to be perfect for office equipment like stationery and furniture, but also other equipment too.

Staff save a lot of time, and so do we. I don’t need to get a quote, raise a purchase order and pay an invoice any more, which used to take me around 30 minutes.”


Procurement Pam’s recommended articles:

"Here’s a selection of my favourite articles based on Procurement and why the department should synergise with reuse to make life a great deal easier and more efficient. It already worked for me!"

Why procurement should lead on reuse

Other benefits for procurement.

Things procurement can do to stimulate reuse

Procurement case studies

"Warp It spoke to Procurement Managers from all over the world, and they all agreed the same thing - the reuse system has been a godsend. Here's a selection of interviews that Warp It's helpful founder Daniel has conducted that show how actively engaging with the system has been a revolutionary solution for reuse."

Clearing buildings of assets led by procurement at Edinburgh City Council

Interview with Head of Procurement at Heriott Watt University

Case study with procurement at NHS Tayside

Case Study with procurement at Northumberland County Council


Interview with Mollie Kerr about redistributing assets, Edinburgh City Council


Our favourite Procurement customer quotes

“The system lets people do the sharing without needing a matchmaker, or a warehouse. It shows that we intend to reuse which is a key part of the Procurement Journey. When staff want to buy something we want them to think “Do I need to buy this in the first place?”

  • Andy Hay, Procurement lead, NHS Tayside

"The simple attraction is the ability to advertise unwanted assets easily and conveniently, giving us the opportunity to actually reduce procurement. We have saved £1000s just by better internal sharing of surplus inkjet cartridges. We have saved £1000s for schools by redistributing lever arch files"

  • Hilary Phillips, Change Management lead, Sunderland City Council

"Warp it is a no brainer with so many benefits. We steer staff to the portal which reduces procurement and waste spend. After only a few months, the benefits were obvious."

  • Julie Parkinson, Category Procurement Specialist, Northumberland County Council

"Warp It has achieved significant financial savings whilst also providing environmental and social benefits."

  • Lee Jackson, Commercial and Procurement Services Manager, Northumberland County Council

More customer quotes

Common objections from procurement

Issue: “It’s not my responsibility.”

Solution: This system gives all staff in the organisation visibility on what everyone else has surplus to requirements BEFORE they buy new.

Pam's Explanation: "Any Procurement professional knows that the first rule of Procurement is “Do we need to buy this in the first place?”, so by giving Procurement more transparency, they are able to make better decisions. Procurement maybe might not necessarily lead on reuse but certainly should be interested in helping to facilitate this process, as you may have read in the case studies above."



"Pam and myself are very glad that you visited this page and better informed yourself on procurement and its relationship with reuse. We recommend that you save the link to this page and share it with other procurement professionals in your department and start spreading the idea that a reuse system could work wonders."

"I agree with Paul. But first make sure to read our suggested material, as you will pull so many great ideas from there and be able to put together a much better plan of action once you're well informed. And thank you for reading!"

Are your procurement team ready to get involved?

15 easy ways procurement can stimulate reuse

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Daniel O'Connor

I use my time and experience to contribute to the transition to a regenerative sustainable society for all.

Topics: Procurement

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