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Mark Shayler hosts innovation sessions at Warp It Regional Workshops

To make reuse mainstream we must innovate. Whether it is the adoption of new practices, new policies, new software or coming up with our own solutions....

We are delivering a series of regional workshops to do just that.

As part of these workshops we are going to encourage you to innovate.

  • You will be encouraged to help us make Warp It better!
  • You might even come up with  innovative serivce or solution for your sector that we will develop!

And we have partnered with the best...

Mark Shayler from This is Ape will be hosting the innovation sessions. Mark has worked with RS Components, GAP, Mars, Kyocera, Orangebox, Unilever, Indesit, Samsung, Amazon, Hiut Denim, the RSA, P&G amongst many others. 

Mark Shayler and the team at This is Ape believe that you can do the things that you do better. They believe that you can do better things. 

Mark Shayler will provide the magic to facilitate discussion and ideas at this event so that you go home stimuated and maybe a bit surprised at yourself. 

Your ideas will create brand new features on Warp It and maybe even brand new products and services to help you.

You can read more about Mark's work here.

Here is a run down of Mark's sessions. 

Session 1: Innovation idea generator.

What gives you the most headache at work?

What is always on your to do list?

What is the most expensive action?

What takes the most time?

What makes you say "There must be an easier way?". 

In this  break out session you will split into groups relating to your own area of expertise. Waste, FM, Procurement, Sustainability etc .

You will explore the common problems that you face in pursuing your day to day objectives. You will identify common areas of pain and you will start to generate some ideas to ease that pain.


Session 2: What will Warp It look like in 2020? Help us design Warp It to solve more of your problems. 

Building on the work you have done in the break out sessions, we ask how can Warp It be better for you right now and what problems can we help you with in the future?


Session 3: Service development innovation. What solutions do you need to maximise your impact?

Building on the work you have done exploring pain points in your expertise area, in this session we seek to group assess the most fruitful ideas for futher development.

 The break out sessions wil be split up with short presentations from Warp It customers who have battled and overcome various issues in implementing reuse. 

In the workshops you will

  • Get the chance to meet Warp It members in your region- as well as the big players from organisations across the region. 
  • Learn about how they have implemented reuse,  so that you can get the short cuts to success
  • Learn what not to do so that you avoid the pitfalls and potentially wasted effort
  • Make connections with others in the same sector and interest areas as you
  • Learn how other sectors have solved the problems that you face
  • Get ideas to improve your own reuse system
  • Help to develop Warp It
  • Help to develop solutions to common pain points


Workshops are aimed at

  • Sustainability
  • Procurement
  • Facilities Management
  • Waste Managers
  • Space Management
  • Building decommissioning managers
  • Charity partners 

What now?

Book to attend your local event right here.

Reasons to attend- (if you needed them).

These events will be invaluable to maximise reuse in your organisation. By maximising reuse you will be saving more waste and procurement costs and embedding sustainability behaviour.

If you need reasons to attend please see here.


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Alexandra O'Connor

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