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Workshop: making storage work for your reuse and circular economy strategy

The Warp It ambition to make reuse and the circular economy the norm is coming to fruition as our community make huge strides in reducing waste and carbon by reusing and redistributing furniture, equipment, stationery, and countless other items.

Storing unwanted items as they await rehoming through the Warp It system can sometimes (not always!) be a key aspect to effective and successful reuse projects.

Storage can be expensive and is becoming increasingly scarce, especially as many organisations reshape and reimagine their spaces as they move towards hybrid or remote working arrangements.

And while storage can save items from going to landfill, if it isn’t managed correctly there is a risk that stored goods will become forgotten, damp, or damaged. In some cases, badly stored spaces will pose a health and safety risk or a fire hazard.

In our continuing mission to enhance reuse in the Warp It community, we want to stimulate debate on how a comprehensive approach to storage can strengthen reuse and circular economy activities.


We will explore

  • internal storage
  • Off site storage
  • Regional storage hubs shared by Warp It customers

Join this online event Wednesday 26th at 1pm  for a discussion about the challenges and issues storage presents and prospective solutions that will enhance your reuse and circular economy strategies.



storage workshop2

Above: if storage isn’t managed correctly there is a risk that stored goods will become forgotten, damp, or damaged.


What are the key considerations?

  • How is unwanted furniture and other assets currently stored before they are reused or disposed?
  • Risk and health and safety matters; ensuring all office furniture and other items are stored safely.
  • The need for, and how to manage, on and off-site storage of items if policies are not in place or are not clear.
  • Is third party storage where assets are held temporarily a feasible option?
  • How are storage spaces managed in line with your stock and inventory management systems?
  • What other issues, challenges, or successes around storage have you experienced?

Areas of improvement within our software may include:

  • Assets can be matched using the Warp It wish list and watch list features reducing the need for storage. Can these functions be improved or expanded?
  • Sometimes items don’t match or get uploaded to the system late, which heightens the risk of them going to landfill. Can this be avoided?
  • How can Warp It help with storage, stock, and inventory management?
  • How can Warp It support tracking and controlling assets?
  • Would a off site stor be of interest? 
  • Would shared storage be of interest?

We also want to introduce the concept of creating regional storage hubs for Warp It members to access shared facilities in their geographical areas. Recognised storage hubs are likely to increase reuse rates and deliver economies of scale for the Warp It community – we will discuss this and follow up with a further event for more in-depth discussion.


Join us on Wednesday 26th at 1pm to explore the challenges storage presents and potential solutions that will enhance your reuse and circular economy strategies. This event will be valuable for Warp It admins, space managers, decant managers, and anyone interested in storing items as part of reuse plans and activities. 

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Daniel O'Connor

Daniel O'Connor

I use my time and experience to contribute to the transition to a regenerative sustainable society for all.


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