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Warp It Featured in New Government Waste Strategy for England

We have some huge news ✌🏼

National news!

A Warp It case study was featured in a new government waste strategy document, titled ‘Our waste, our resources: A strategy for England’.


Along with other important waste issues, this means reuse of furniture and equipment is going to take more prominence in England. 


Why is this important?

In December DEFRA released  a new resources and waste strategy.  You can read a summary here. 

The document outlines how the Government expects to move from a linear to a circular economy over the long term. 

On Page 65 the document features a Warp It Case study from Central government in particular,  Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC). (That is the Government Tax Department for any overseas readers. )

This shows that our English customers are already well along with the expectations of the strategy. 

For any organisations struggling to implement reuse the document can be used to give you some support within the senior management system. This is a signal to management that..

"This is where the country is going - we should follow suit"


What’s the document about?

The document outlines England’s Circular Economy ambitions for the near future, and signals the intent to move the Circular Economy beyond only the forward-thinking organisations and people into the mainstream.

See the whole doc here.


Why are we so happy?

We have been featured! It makes us proud, happy, and excited to see that our work is having impact, being recognised and the data reporting on reuse and resource efficiency is being explored and talked about.

Where can you see the extract?

See the image below:

Screenshot 2018-12-20 at 11.22.21


How can you use this information?

You can use this info to demonstrate that reuse is normal. If you do not have a reuse program take this to your Director, CEO or sustainability committee. Use the gov strategy to feed into your organisational waste strategy. 



If you really believe in a sustainable future, fight for it. Warp It is part of a long-term mission to make reuse mainstream, and it’s working. 


If you are looking to develop a circular economy policy or a reuse policy for your organisation you can download a template reuse policy now. 

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Use our templates to save time and get ideas!

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Joseph Kennedy

Joseph Kennedy

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