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Weighing in at Warp It

Did you know that every item that is listed on Warp It is given an estimated weight? This is so the waste disposal and financial savings that reuse offers can be calculated.

The metric also helps to encourage behaviour change by demonstrating the waste savings!

So, for example, the description of an office chair will include details of its average weight using established references. Once this type, or category, of item is added onto the system it is then available for future selection by admins via a drop-down option.

Warp It sees the redistribution of thousands of assets such as reusable office furniture, electrical equipment, fixtures and fittings, soft furnishings, office stationery and other consumables such as and ink jet cartridges, lab equipment, and medical equipment.

Items for reuse

Above: thousands of items for reuse are available on the Warp It service.

Items are being added all the time, and more unusual items includes clothes horses, tuxedos, paper weights, and even a brandy bottle!

The team at Warp It ensure that every type of item that is added to the system is given a weight in relation to its waste disposal financial value.

It is critical to calculate and track the metrics to accurately and transparently demonstrate the substantial savings that are achieved through reuse.

Our metrics tracks the kilograms avoided going to landfill, which is a common target for member organisations in the Warp It community. They also paint a picture of the financial savings your organisation can achieve while illustrating the story, value and benefits that reuse offers; this provides meaningful information for your organisation while also undoubtedly motivating even more people to engage with reuse and change their behaviour for the better.

waste data

Above: the reuse metrics paint a picture of the financial savings your organisation can achieve.

The weight value meets the requirements of the Furniture Reuse Network’s Product Weight Protocol (PWP) and is also based on the ‘Measure Your Treasure’ guidelines, which was originally produced by the Community Recycling Network UK in consultation with community waste sector groups.

We update these figures regularly to cover inflation and taxes and appear on the Warp It home page as metrics that reflect the true benefits of reuse.

Read more about our metrics logic and methodology.

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Daniel O'Connor

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