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A Bottle of Brandy and Amazing Customer Feedback!

Here at Warp It, we’ve got some thoughtful users.

Thanks to the epic feedback we receive we are constantly improving our offering . We’ve changed how we support the embedding of the service into culture introduce useful new features, improve our user experience, and help grow the world of reuse.

Even more than the power of feedback, we love the interesting (and sometimes highly amusing) content of it, and none more so than this amazing message we received recently…


“Hi Daniel…

"We have made great use of the items that we claimed from Warp It -this time we got some thermal vessels for teas and coffee-  thank you! It made the housekeeper’s day to have an extra bottle for her tea trolley, as this particular item can take hours to dry after she has washed it. She’s now able to use the spare one while the other is drying.


The most humorous item we claimed was a 4-drawer cabinet for our therapists to store items and paperwork. You wouldn’t believe the look on their faces when they opened the bottom drawer and found a bottle of brandy! They came to me to say ‘we love love the new cabinet, it’s very nice and very giving!’. Needless to say, the brandy was soon returned, along with a few other personal items, and has hopefully made its way back to its rightful owner"


The power of feedback

Individual feedback gives us great ideas, powerful motivation, and keeps us accountable to our thousands of users. Over time, we have collected our feedback and compiled it into one page, where you can see (especially if you’re not yet a Warp It users) just how popular and helpful our platform is.


We get some lovely feedback:




quote 2


Simply go here and see the sheer bulk of our amazing feedback (brandy not included!)


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Joseph Kennedy

Joseph Kennedy

My journey is education, communication and innovation. My destination is a world free from environmental collapse, ecological ruin and unbreathable air.


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