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6 Golden Features of Reuse That Procurement Managers Can Embrace!

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The purpose of this article is to show the benefits of a Warp It reuse system to Procurement Managers.

This article is also very important for those who wish to encourage their procurement departments to engage more with reuse.


Problem: Staff are buying items that the organisation already owns in surplus

Solution: Reuse assets internally through an online platform

By using Warp It, members of an organisation are able to see what assets already exist in surplus in the organisation, meaning that they can check the online portal before making a procurement request. Using second hand items instead of paying for brand new assets will save the organisation time and money.


Problem: Departments are spending too much money on new assets

Solution: Introduce a policy that aims to reuse before purchasing new

When Procurement Managers encourage those people making requests for new items to ‘check Warp It first’, they end up massively encouraging reuse and helping each department to reduce their spend. This simple policy change helps to change the company culture by making people think about resources and resourceful decision making instead of simply buying new.


Problem: Too much time is spent on quotes, purchase orders, and invoices

Solution: Reuse internally and save vast amounts of time

Not only can reusing assets instead of purchasing new save time on quotes, purchase orders, and invoices, by using a system such as Warp It, you are able to efficiently track these time savings as proof. The Procurement Department and buyers are spending valuable time buying new when they don't need to.


Problem: The Procurement Department is not valued?

Solution: Reuse shows the Procurement Dept is actively helping 

The Procurement Department does a great job and often their work goes unnoticed. By engaging with reuse, you help the whole organisation, who can use budgets more effectively if they are not spending money on things that the organisation already owns!


Problem: Planet Earth needs some help

Solution: Be more resourceful with a reuse system

The manufacture and transport of products is destroying the very life system that we rely on. Carbon emissions from energy use and transport. Waste from manufacture. Waste at the end of the of a product's life.


Reuse extends the lifespan of products. We track the environmental benefits so you can report the good news to your board.


Problem: Too many assets, not enough storage, disposal?

Solution: Reuse the assets, donate externally, reduce the storage

Storage doesn’t come cheap, it can be a huge expense for organisations who could use that space more wisely given the opportunity. A reuse system that lists all of the items that are sat gathering dust in storage will help to get those items out and about and being used around the estate. If it is assumed that they are undesirable, or the organisation doesn’t want to keep them, why are they in storage? Warp It allows you to donate assets to third parties!



As you can see, Procurement is a huge winner when it comes to reuse. You save money and time, you help the environment, you support the organisation, you engage people in culture change, and you show that purchasing new is not always the best answer.


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Joseph Kennedy

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