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Warp It launches asset resell service

Warp It has launched an asset resell service allowing its users to sell items which are of a high value.  

Re-commerce is the process of selling second hands goods and has become increasingly popular in recent years. 

Latest research shows 71 percent of consumers across the UK, US, France and Germany bought or sold used goods in the past year, with 63 percent purchasing used items at least once a month. The report, Second-Hand, First Choice: The Psychology of Recommerce, reveals furniture, technology, and fashion are the most popular categories for re-commerce. 

And now Warp It will become a go-to platform for its members wishing to sell items that have a resale value. 

The service is available for lab and medical equipment, and other high-value electrical equipment, machinery, catering equipment, and even vehicles. 

Some examples we are currently working on:

  • Historical pieces of furniture
  • Mass spectrometer
  • Over ordered brand new facemasks
  • JCB digger!!
  • Unused over ordered mobile phones
  • Office lighting
  • Woodworked furniture
  • Tooling machine

In addition, any items that are new or unused with a large quantity available can be sold. 

We have partnered with sellsurplus.com who have industry expertise and contacts in all categories with professional trade buyers. This will maximise value to Warp It customers. 

Key features are: 

  • Sellers will remain in control of the items until they are sold. 
  • Sellers have the final say on all sales and are not obligated to accept any offers. Offers will simply be presented to them. 
  • Sellers can add any specific sales requirements. For example, data wiping or health and safety assessments that can be included in the conditions of sale. 
  • The sales contract can include all items are sold "as is, where is" and that the buyer is deemed to have satisfied themselves as to the condition of each item prior to completing the purchase. 
  • Legal sales documents which manage the sale and passage of liability of any assets. 
  • During the sales process, both the seller and the buyer will be supported when it comes to collections and any additional required to complete the sale, including additional images, details, and so on. This can include onsite visits. 
  • On the sale day, depending on the item and location, removal assistance will be provided. 
  • Payments can be arranged according to the seller’s requirements and internal processes. 

Interested? Please book a private session with Daniel and James to go over this feature, or any other Warp it features. Book a meeting here.


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