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Easy Wins: Five Steps to Make Your Reuse Program Run Itself

We love hearing from our valued members, especially when we hear feedback like this:

‘Hey Warp It! We’ve managed to get Warp It to run itself. The staff own it and run it between themselves’.


What a great position to be in, right?

If you want some easy wins, and to implement processes that make Warp It run itself, there are five things you need to do. Now, these five things won’t happen overnight, in fact, they may take a bit of time to set up, but once they’re running smoothly, the active involvement of the Warp It leads will shrink, freeing up time for other activities!



Step One - If you dispose, you upload

You need to change the policy regarding disposals so that when someone calls up your porters to request item disposal, the porters tell them that they have to list the item on Warp It.

This is going to get you more members, more users, and more reuse. It’s going to populate your marketplace and it’s going to stimulate your reuse project.Read this guide on how to get the porters to support your project (note: it makes life so much easier for them!)

To help to underpin this practice you may want to tweak for waste disposal policy too. 



Step Two - Instant matches can be maximised by the Wishlist feature

For all of the members in your organisation using Warp It, you have to get the message across to them that the Wishlist feature is one of the most powerful tools on there.

If you optimize the wishist...

  • The disposer gets rid of their item straight away
  • The recipient gets an item straight away
  • There's no need for storage


The wishlist was designed to make this happen. Read more on how to get people using it properly.



Step Three - Make sure Procurement are pushing reuse in order to supply a constant stream of asset claimants

This article is going to teach you everything you need to know about the relationship between Procurement and Reuse. The download at the end will give you 15 methods for getting Procurement to stimulate reuse. Once you’ve got Procurement on your side, you will be getting new members constantly; as they call up and ask ‘Can you order me some ‘pens’?’, they are going to be getting redirected to your reuse programme, where there are plenty of ‘pens’.



Step Four - Get your Communications team on board

Haven’t you got better things to do than to make the communications materials for reuse? Surely there’s a department who are better skilled and paid to make communications materials? There is.

Pay a few visits to your Communications team. Approach them with a strategy, with clear explanations of what you need, and try to win their favour. If your Comms teams are willing to help, you suddenly have a direct line to many of your organisation’s members and can promote reuse to them automatically through email newsletters and updates.

Here’s why, how, and even a few templates.



Step Five - Get a Senior Management figure to promote reuse in a video

This example has come to us from Royal Free, a teaching hospital in London. They got Sumal Karunaratne (Support Service Manager), Caroline Clark (Group Deputy Chief Executive), Joy Harrison (Estates and Facilities), and Elaine Gafney (Team Leader) to all go on video and promote reuse in the organisation. Watch that video here, and consider making your own!

By getting important and well known green champions from around the organisation to appear on video, they have a greater reach and social credibility.


Not everything about changing culture is easy.

Luckily, we're here to make it easier.

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Joseph Kennedy

Joseph Kennedy

My journey is education, communication and innovation. My destination is a world free from environmental collapse, ecological ruin and unbreathable air.


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