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Feature: Customised Reporting

One of the most attractive features of Warp It to users is that we track the value of each trade, both financially and sustainably, so that we can help to demonstrate the value of reuse.

The importance of this is that people need to be aware of the impact of their reuse activities. Once this impact can demonstrated as positive and progressive, as well as cost and environmentally saving, the more others in the organisation will take notice and get involved. This is significant.


The reporting mechanisms

Metrics and data are vital in supporting the value of reuse, and those metrics have to be robust so that people can rely on them. As part of that, these metrics are generalised across all organisations, however, your organisation might do things a bit differently to others, and so that presents an opportunity to tweak your reporting parameters in certain places.


What can you tweak?

One thing that you can tweak is the metrics that are reflected on your company home page. It’s likely that some metrics may be more important to you than others. Show your staff only the important ones. You have options on the dropdown menus in the admin settings to allow you to customise the metrics shown to suit your drivers.


Time savings

One of the big things about reuse is that you prevent the purchase of a new item when you reuse an item. Because you're preventing the purchase of an item, this can often incur time savings, because there is no purchase order to raise and none of that associated chasing around of paperwork, chasing a requisition, chasing a quote, or chasing an invoice. All of that paperwork is removed when you use reuse an item.

So, our customers asked for a metric to reflect this. The metric is avoided paperwork, and so you can now choose a time saving value and a money saving value as well. This will then be included in your performance report under admin time savings.


How many jobs have been saved?

Another factor or metric that customers have asked for is to show the number of jobs that we have saved as a result of being more efficient with our asset reuse system. At this point you can specify the average salary in your organisation. Even if it's the salary of a nurse or a doctor. And then the system will work out how many jobs equivalent that the organisation has saved, in theory, by tightening up its resources.

This is obviously a rule of thumb, a bit like the ‘number of trees saved’, or ‘cars off the road’ figures that explain carbon savings. Some customers feel that this is an important metric, so use it to your advantage.


Varying waste management costs

Every organisation pays a different amount for its waste management, such as skip hire. If you input how much your skip hires are costing you, Warp It will be able to tell you how much you pay per KG for waste disposal. This then gets integrated into your total cost savings.


Any more questions?

We hope this has helped to show you more about what custom reporting can do for your organisation. For any more questions, contact daniel@warp-it.co.uk

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