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Feature: share days

by Becky

You may find unused items you want to give to an external party, rather than reuse inhouse. You can manage this automatically using the " share days" feature.

When using Warp It, each organisation sets up their own internal marketplace to swap and trade assets across the organisation.

You can also link up with other parties, and organisations in the city, region, country, or other organisations in your sector.

When an item is added to the system it's given a deadline and internal staff can claim it as normal.

If you allow: External parties can see the itme also, but they can't claim as it's advertised to internal staff first.

The external party can add that item to their watchlist.


The Share Day will take place X days before the final deadline of the item; X could be anything between 1 and 90 days.

You can tweak the settings and adjust exactly how many days before the deadline you’d like items to be advertised to external (priority two organisations), and then how many days for priority three.

If you have one month to find a new home for a desk, you can list it for 30 days, with 10 days for priority two, and five days for priority three.

See below.

sharedays 1


To set Share Days go to: Admin> settings> control partners

Then see the headings priority 2 priority 3.

You'll need to make sure you "turn off" private network.

To do this, go to: 

Admin> settings> control > partners, and scroll to near the bottom and look at Private Network.
Make sure you don't have a storage email specified. 
See below.
sharedays 2

Need help? 

To book a screen share session to go over this feature, or any other Warp it features, please get in touch and email becky@warp-it.co.uk.

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