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Equipment and furniture reuse network: Inter agency trading of surplus assets

by Becky

As far as we know, no other service allows organisations like schools, municipal councils, healthcare , central government, charities and private sector, to trade and reuse surplus assets with each other for free.

We provide an equipment and furniture reuse network where you can always find homes for your unwanted items and where you can always find 2nd hand supplies!


  • 60% of the trades on the system take place within the same organisation. 


  • The rest of the trades are inter agency- that is between organisations!

I was compelled to do a quick blog post about this as I just saw a great trade go through from Aberdeenshire Council to University College London for a load of printer cartridges.



Here's the list

  • REF: 1721/53948/4  - black x 1 Magenta x 1 yellow x 1 cyan x 1
  • REF: 1721/53946/6  - Cyan x 2 Yellow x 2 Magenta x 2
  • REF: 1721/52538/2
  • REF: 1721/52542/2
  • REF: 1721/52605/1 - E320 , E322

Now it doesn't sound very exciting but that is £200+ worth of inkjet cartridge!!

The benefit of trading with others

Aberdeenshire Council had changed the printers across the organisation and these items had now become a liability due to their hazardous nature. This would normally mean a high waste disposal cost.

UCL still use these printers and have sourced £200+ worth for the price of a courier! They save on procurement costs.

UCL were the early adopters of our service in London and have racked up more than £400K in savings!!!! They are the 2nd best performer (see here) across the equipment and furniture reuse network- see here for a case study. 



Both organisations have benefitted and are more likely to trade in the future which then benefits the whole network.

Trades do not have to be reciprocal!

UCL ABD route
Trades like this happen every day on Warp It. Only today we had a specialist ultra low temperature freezer go from Liverpool Women's Hospital up to Glasgow Caledonia University.
But 3 of my favourite trades have been when
  • 40 X 1100 Litre wheeled bins were advertised by South London and Maudsley NHS and were claimed by NHS Tayside!

  • 1 x Forklift Truck was advertised by HMRC and claimed by Glasgow City Council

  • 1 x audio/ visual room was advertised by Bath Spa University and claimed by Aberystwyth University- who sent down a team to dismantle it and then reinstall the room!
You can also see these case studies below about inter agency collaboration. 
However, we don't illustrate this as best as we could.
Therefore this little trade between two institutions at different ends of the UK,  has now stimulated the idea that we will have a visible trade feed. Everyone can then see what, who and where items are being traded.


Here's another Warp It hack

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Reuse is a simple solution for a big problem. I am here to help you understand the story and participate!


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