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Get ready to reuse this Christmas!

The perfect opportunity for a reuse campaign

Our gift to you this Christmas is to make it even easier for you to increase staff engagement with Warp It!

It’s the perfect time of year to declutter the office ready for the New Year and increase use of the Warp It system – and our Christmas campaign includes everything you need to deliver it in an effective and exciting way.

It’ll help you cut through the other Christmas noise and get your staff onboard the reuse journey while thoroughly getting into the festive spirit.

Our campaign is jam-packed with downloadable tools and tips. Discover how to work smarter instead of harder with our campaign action plan – you’ll get an idea of timescales, and, crucially, how to get your stakeholders organised to help you.

You are going to need:

  • 5 minutes to read this article
  • 15 minutes to digest the downloads including step by step action plan, templates and comms materials
  • 4-5 hours to get everything ready and launched

What are you waiting for? Get started now and see Christmas become the perfect opportunity to increase the reuse in your organisation!

Access the Christmas campaign below and get ready to reap the festive rewards!



We are going to make it super easy and super quick for you to deliver a christmas communications campaign to encourage staff to add their surplus furniture and equipment to your reuse program and declutter before the New Year.

In this article we give you the reasons why a Christmas campaign is an easy win with some top tips on delivering effective communications at this time of year. We also give you access to:

  • Action plan-  with the actions you need to take. We reckon 4-5 hours to get this campaign delivered.
  • Draft Christmas communications strategy- will take you 20 mins to complete
  • Email templates- again we save you time by providing the content you need. 
  • Campaign branded animated email signature/s- easy way to promote, see above for one example.
  • Several different campaign branded editable PDFs- distribute and print off for posters..or make pull up banners!
  • Campaign branded screen savers- everyone will see it! Get the IT Dept to set this up. 
  • Campaign branded jpgs to share on social media

We have 2 main messages to our campaign branding:

"Give your colleague a gift this Christmas and add your surplus items to Warp It!" 


"Don't come back to a cluttered workspace in the New Year- add your surplus to Warp It"

You can see examples throughout this article but make sure you download the whole campaign below. 

Warp It Christmas   beard bloke1.png

Why deliver a reuse campaign at Christmas?

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to deliver a reuse campaign. Yes, people are busy and there are lots of other messages to compete for but...

1) As the holiday approaches staff are getting more excited and are looking for a distraction from "proper work"- clearing their space is the perfect distraction ut still gives them the excuse that it is productive.

2) There is a logical reason to declutter space at Christmas in time for the New Year and new start in January- so decluttering is a legitamate point of reason. 

3) Marketing statistics show that it takes an average of 6 points of contact to make a sale. In our terms this means your staff need to see a piece of content about how good your reuse system is 6 times before they take part. This is another opportunity.

4) Most people would rather not exchange gifts with coworkers, because it can be awkward! However gifting surplus assets is super easy and maybe a fun way around this!

5) At Christmas some people feel more charitable- you can emphasise the charitable donaton aspects of your reuse program. 

Warp It Christmas clear out  Dropbox.png

Top tips

Here are our top tips for delivering your Christmas campaign.

Work smart, not hard.

Save time and use our campaign action plan to get an idea on how long this might take and to organise the stakeholders who are going to help you. 


Start early. Start now.

EVERYTHING goes extremely busy in the run up to Christmas, so it’s best to get your campaign planned now. Contact your stakeholders as soon as possible. See our action plan in the download below for more detail.


Set out what you are hoping to achieve.

As with any marketing campaign, clearly identify what you want to achieve.   Set targets and think about how and when you will measure success. We have produced a communication plan for you here.


Utilise various mediums for your communications artwork.

For a seamless cross media campaign, we have produced  artwork in a jpeg  format, which you can easily post onto websites, emails and social media platforms. We have also create screensavers and even a animated email signature. There are also traditional poster templates. Download all of this material below. 


Keep it simple
Christmas is not the time to try a complex  campaign. Staff are busy and will be bombarded with other marketing communications. In our experience, it’s best to keep it simple.


Make your staff feel special
Christmas is an ideal time to reward staff who are using your reuse system. Consider doing a free prize draw (Christmas food hamper?) or sending a Christmas goodie for anyone adding an item! (See here for guide)


Warp It Christmas Female  Dropbox.png

OK you have read this far. Which means you are interested in delivering this campaign.

Download the materials by clicking the image below.

You might be undecided as yet.

Download the supporting materials and look at the action plan.

This will give you an idea, if you can deliver this campaign within your current workload. 


Let us know how it goes! If there are any questions post them in the comments below. 

Here's another Warp It hack

Use our templates to save time and get ideas!

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Daniel O'Connor

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