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Here's How Warp It Can Be Used As An Asset Management System

Warp It is not designed to manage assets in the traditional sense, in fact, it was designed to redistribute assets that were surplus to requirements.

However, we’ve found that it’s versatile and that due to the framework of the system, our members are using it for both purposes.




The above video explains all, but if you prefer a written walkthrough and explanation, please continue reading.



  1. Log in as a standard Warp It user.
  2. When you add any asset to Warp It, you are required to give several details.
  3. Let’s say cafe chairs, 100 of them.
  4. Click the drop down option to ‘Give away’
  5. Fill out the condition and location details.
  6. Because you want to use this as an asset management system, you want to move the availability date well into the future so that nobody can claim the chairs yet.
  7. Add a photo.
  8. Put in any other information you want, like the owner, the maintenance details, and anything else that is pertinent.


The asset will now appear in your active items, and any time you want to change the details about it, you can click into the listings and edit it. If you want to make it suddenly (or soon to be) available, you can change the availability to do so.


How does it appear to other users?

You would see a listing for 100 chairs chairs, available on the 23rd of March, 2019. They aren’t available yet, so if you are interested in them, add them to your watch list and you will receive an email notification when they become available.


This is just a quick overview

Warp It can be used to do many things, and applying its features to run an asset management system is simply one way. The relevant information is collected and recorded, and the items are then on your part of the site as ‘inactive items’. It’s very simple, and you are able to edit the details at any time you like.


Future developments

Knowing that our members are using this method to run their asset management system, we are exploring ways with our development team to design a more traditional asset management system. We may include notifications for maintenance, asset tracking around the organisation, or the condition status of the assets, all of the normal asset management features.


If you have any questions or suggestions for these updates, please don’t hesitate to drop me an email at daniel@warp-it.co.uk

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